Labour leadership contest to open

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 14, 2007.

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  2. Lord help us.

    It's a contest between the morose bean-counter with facial Tourette's and one of two left-wingers lost in a failed ideology.
  3. No, just stick with the failed policies of the present!
  4. This might prove to be the last ditch attempt of the few socialists left in party. If they fail to get a left-leaning candidate, we could see Labour disintegrating as Old Labour fight New Tory for the soul of the party.

    Or am I just delerious at the thought of them destroying themselves?...
  5. As Cameron remarked, these are the Living Dead.

    But Meacher represents Old Labour, which at least had some political consistency and respectability, unlike TB's New ditto.

    I hope Brown does not have things made too easy for him . . . . .
  6. Everybody understands that the result of the contest is in fact predefined.

    Looking at other countries unlikely it would be possible to find so experienced, talented and intelligent newly-elected leader as mr.Brown. The British should be proud to have such prime minister and I expect that mr.Brown would not be only 'just a PM' but a famous British leader. I sinserely wish him all the best.
  7. Whilst I do not agree with all of John McDonnell's politics some of it does make sense. As we know some of it is far too left wing.

    Fair play to the bloke I served on the committee with the Royal British Legion in Hayes and Harlington (his constituency) for many years. As MP he would always turn out for Veterans events or to present badges whenever we asked him too, come rain or shine he would be there on Remembrance Sunday to lay a wreath at the local memorial then attend afterwards in the club for a few beers with the old and bold.

    As a constituency MP he cannot be faulted and does an exceptional job. As a potential PM however, some of his politics worry me and I know the chap quite well. I do think it important however that there is actually a contest and that Broon is not just simply anointed.

    Now I wonder if the bottle of Commons Scotch he gave me with his signature across the label will have an ebay value given his recent media exposure??? :D :D

    Oh and BTW I have never voted Labour in my life.
  8. Both of these are just a stalking horse for Brown.

    Trying to make us believe that we are watching democracy in action instead of a succession.
  9. The term 'stalking horse' was coined for the tory leadership battles when early challenges to Thatcher were being considered.

    Both Sky and the BBC reckon McDonnell could achieve around 30% of the college vote if an election is held. Whilst clearly 30% is not enough to win it neither is it so insignificant to suggest a contest is not worthwhile.

    Broon will almost certainly win it but a strong turnout for the left will influence the way he has to govern. He will need to keep looking over his shoulder to check on who is coming up the outside.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Nobody is ACTUALLY going to challenge broon, they are just there to show that democracy 'works' and that it isn't simply a coronation. Another bit of spin for the great unwashed.

    I sincerely hope Broon gets in because at least we'll know that he'll be out (along with his party) at the next elections.
  11. Labour leadership contest to open...

    ...and then CLUNK it was shut again.

    Broon wins by a massive majority, to the adulation of his adoring public (my arrse)
  12. So........
    Unelected as PM by his party
    Unelected as PM by the voting public
    Unelected as an MP outside Scotland
    Hooray for democracy!
  13. Very 'Stalinist'
  14. And whilst he preaches more open government, his campaign manager Jack Straw supports an attempt to exempt MP's from the Freeedom Of Information Act.

    So not only is he a liar, but he is also a hypocrite.