Labour Leadership Contenders on BBC Newsnight

Good old Jeremy Paxo.... all of the Labour 'Dear Leader' contenders were on BBC 2 'Newsnight' hosted/questioned by Mr Paxman.... quite interesting... but they all came accross like school prefects at a 6th Form College debating society.... :worship:

Poor old Diane Abbott (Old labour) looked like she was being sort of 'shut out' by all of the Labour Toffs such as the Miliband Bros (Chuckle Bros)..... She came accross as Old Socialist Labour, especially when a questions was put about Labour's "Tax, Spend, Spend, Spend" polices are concerned.... :pukel:

The old worn out bullsh*te of 'Labour Invests' was trotted out like a ripe piece of stinking marxist knob-cheese again... :p

All in all, Young UV is not impressed by any of the Labour contenders..... they are even more of a mediocrity than the old Fox himself.... Gordo McSporran Broone... :plotting:

Methinks that the Liarebore Party will have Leadership Musical Chairs in the coming years just like the Torys did after the '97 election defeat to the grinning spiv, Teflon B'Liar..... :toilet:

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