Labour launches Defence Review

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. You couldn't make it up;

    I expect there to be some breaking news with reference to ursine arboreal habits.

    Source. BBC

    Of course it will make not one jot of difference, just the normal sackcloth and ashes of defeat.

    Interesting interpretation of systematic failure.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Wait for the long list of fabulous projects they are going to fun when they get in power . . . . a bit like the Lim Dem promises when they were out of power.
  3. In other news, my Warhammer Imperial Guard are a bit light on tanks, and I am consequently in talks with my Chancellor (SWMBO) about reviewing my Defence Procurement policy.

    This will result, nationally, in the same interest being shown as will be for Labour's similarly pointless wittering.
  4. Go Ork & remember Red wunz go fasta!

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  5. "Red wunz go fasta"? You are the Labour Defence minister and I claim my £5!
  6. Bit ****ing late aren't they?
  7. Labour holding a defence review - has to be a joke! Just an excuse for a cover up, spin and blame game. As if they have any credability left - not a chance.
  8. Bit late arnt they and after the billions of pounds wasted---will there be a full public apology-somehow i think not
  9. Methinks it may be the start of a Labour Party attempt to get back in the good books of the armed forces on the back of the SDSR.
  10. This might be a new definition of optimism, but they were never in the good books in the first place.
  11. Shouldn't taken them too long. "We f*****d up!" - There, you are - done!
    Now they can get back to doing what they do best which is .....errrrrr!!
  12. More like the Labour front bench collectively scratching their arrses and trying to keep busy now they're not in power. Bear in mind Ed and most of his minions haven't been members of an opposition party since they were at University. I look forward to them meeting the growing threat from China by organising a protest disco and renaming one of the Commons bars after Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo.

    More seriously, the disintegration of the Labour party since Tony passed the torch to Gordon is quite worrying, even for frothing at the mouth right wingers like me. It has very quickly become obvious that Ed is not up to the job of leading Labour and the power vacuum at the top is sucking in all sorts of detritus.

    I hear that the Militant Tendency has been reborn. Ed McCluskey, the new leader of Unite who owns Labour. is quoted as saying "Do I believe the law is sacrosanct? Absolutely I do not." Even Polly Toynbee, doyenne of the Champaign Socialists, was moistening her £400 Guia La Bruna knickers while "occupying" a Vodafone shop with a bunch of looters in protest at Vodafone's unwillingness to top up its corporation tax bill with additional voluntary payments.

    As the song says, "There may be trouble ahead".
  13. they have ten years to work on it maybe just maybe they could do some reading talk to some people and do some real heavy thinking on the matter they have the time after all.
    MOD were crap when the torys were in the last time and get the winning streak going under blair now the moneys gone can't see anything changing .
    taking some time talking to experts doing some serious research might actually produce something of value then the treasury can piss all over it:(
  14. Vey astute. Remember the article that came out last week about Ed Miliband throwing a tantrum because he could not go and visit the troops until february and because he could not be the second party leader to lay a wreath on the Cenotaph or the other article that came out a month ago that labour wanted to bring former servicemen into their ranks.
    Tremours in the force would suggest that labour want to take advantage of the armed forces current popularity and are now looking for an opening, I bet on Milibands first address to the troops he will try to disasociate himself as much as possible from bliar or brown he will even get his aide to tell him which regiments he's talking to.