Labour is Forces Worst Enemy - Daily Telegraph 13 Apr 07

I agree with the bloke, but there is no point in writing in the daily torygraph because readers of such papers already know. The message needs to get to the Sun, Mirror etc. He would need to draw plenty of pictures to make his point though.
With very big writing, in a variety of lurid colours. Maybe a nice burberry pattern on the headline may make the usual readership sit up and take notice! :D
Along side some bird with mamaries larger than her IQ
And it's taken a Tory just how long to come to this fcuking conclusion? They started the ball rolling by cashing in on the peace divdend back in the 1990s, and as we all know, that dividend didn't pay out for very long now did it!

The armed forces should be brought back to its levels as at the day the Berlin Wall came down including brining back all the old inf and cav regts!

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