Labour in blatant anti-semitism jibe at Michael Howard

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. Labour have done it again. They are treading a very fine line on the anti-semitist argument and this may in fact have pushed it over.

    This is just taking the urine!

    Labour say that they are over-reacting but imagine if they had made a poster like this abouut an MP who was of islamic descent. I think there would have been an outcry over the blatant racism, and somebody would have been sacked. Where is the commision for racial equality when you need them. They are always defending asians and africans (which is theri job) but how about defending jews, hindus, sikhs and christians perhaps?
  2. A_S

    The row kicked off BECAUSE , CRE got the arrsehole with the Labour campaign.

    And no, that poster didn't portray 'Fagin' . It was meant to be Shylock.

    Well according to an apolplectic Jewish ex-Girlfriend of mine, who is writing to the Bluppet along the lines of 'F*ck off, strong letter follows'

    What a very very nasty , sinister little campaign , with shades of 'Das Juden' attached . At least they stopped short of sticking the heads on bodies of rats. Impeccable timing too.

    What next , photos of Letwin in a YMCA Sailor Suit. with the caption 'If he is allowed to cut taxation on Defence, he'll be the only one in the Navy' ?

    There you go Campbell, there's a nasty little double entendre for you right there.

    You'd soon go screaming to the media if it was you though , wouldn't you, you lightweight.
  3. you really are talking boll0cks man
  4. No he's not! They're trying to appease the muslim vote at the moment and wouldn't dream of portraying a Muslim in anything but a glowing light
  5. Cpl Ripper,

    If you look at the Nazi Literature, film, and poster campaigns, the use of Shylock and by inference Faggin was a key part of their propagnada against Jews. Without wanting to be PC about this; historical precidents should be considered, if of course the dimwits in advertising are educated enough to be aware of them.

    It is worth noting that if Howard and Letwin had been muslim and the poster campaign (flying pigs) had been the same. I suspect the response would have been significantly more robust. However, in this case the complaint made was by the Jewish Chronical on behalf several upset readers.

    Neither Letwin nor Howard have responded directly; as they do not see their religion as issue in terms of winning the election. In a similiar way to Blair and his Catholic belief has been kept apart from government policy.
  6. We might want to consider if this may in fact be a clever move by the Reichsminister fuer Propaganda at Neu Arbeit Central Office. Bliar is usually most attentive to his Jewish mates. These include the pansy Mandelson - (just how many comebacks can a disgraced minister make?) and the unelected Lords Sainsbury and Levy, who ensure that Bliar does right by the Israelis. Nor should we forget the other prominent Jews who donate large sums to Neue Arbeit. No doubt a few of this Neue Arbeit collaborators will appear from the woodwork to reassure everyone that they're Jews and they weren't offended Thus, Neue Arbeit can be seen to be the party that is all things to all religions - national enlightenment will no doubt soon follow.

    However unbelieveable Neue Arbeit's actions may sometimes appear, some people clearly fall for it - see any of Cpl_Ripper's posts.

    Edited to remove a word which unintentionally caused offence.
  7. ("Labour spokesman" to Guardian)

    Interviewed on BBC R4 at lunchtime yesterday. a backbench Labour MP expressed eloquent concerns.

    As pointed out by 'jailor', Howard did not respond directly on the religious aspect, but he quoted even more eloquent words from Mr Blair before the 1997 election, to the effect that personalised attacks were utterly inappropriate in a mature democracy. Howard said he completely agreed with Mr Blair's words, adding it was a pity his party did not put them into practice.

    Another source has claimed that the 'jibe' generated a huge amount of free publicity for the Labour election campaign, worth millions if I remember right.
  8. I sent a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority; according to Channel 4 News last night, the Fagin poster appears to have been withdrawn. So Liabour may be spared some deserved public humiliation. :cry:

    This is anti-Semitism. The lying scum who contrived a "45 minutes to destruction" dossier have now turned their attention to the general election. It almost certainly featured in their deliberations that a poster seen as anti-Semitic may impress some sections of the Muslim community.

    Also, could anyone imagine such a poster campaign being run in Germany or France?

    They are scum and it is my hope that Alastair C*ntbell goes completely loopy for a final time and makes a public and messy exit from this sphere.
  9. It's interesting really but in recent years there has been an upsurge in anti-Semitism on the left of British politics, cloaked in the guise of 'anti-Zionism' and support for Palestinian extremism. I live quite close to the Israeli Embassy in London, where there are frequent demos by the SWP and Labour lefties which would be worthy of the SA in the 1920s. This is not to say that the Tories or even the Lib Dems are free of racism, but it certainly isn't absent from Labour either.
  10. still think im talking bollocks?

    maybe it's just me and some of the other crazy barstewards who cant yet see the wood for the trees and havent yet been indoctrinated by the new labour campaign for a socialist UK.

    Or maybe i should put on my stylish silver hat. :twisted:
  11. And there I thought arrse was leading the fight against "PC gone mad" :roll: Do any of you read the Guardian by any chance?

    The posters in question are childish, certainly, but what do you expect from the ad agency behind FCUK? But anti-semitic? Perhaps you're reading a little too much into it.

    New Labour want a socialist UK...oh come on, pull the other one.
  12. socialist and proud, since 1983, also the year I joined up. [​IMG]
  13. I wonder what your fellow socialists would think of your avatar? Not very New Labour is it.
  14. Well, they're doing their hardest to regulate small businesses out of existance, and are taxing the middle classes to death. Sounds like socialism to me!

    And as for Cpl_Ripper, there are only 2 kinds of socialists - those that want to have other people's money spent on their pet causes, and those that want to receive other people's money... Which one are you??? :twisted:
  15. If that's socialism, I'm the Queen Mother.