Labour holds Cooks Commons seat

From the BBC.

Labour has retained the Livingston seat at Westminster with a reduced majority in a by-election prompted by the death of former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook.

Its candidate Jim Devine, 52, who was Mr Cook's election agent, polled 12,319 votes, giving him a majority of 2,680 over the SNP, down from 13,097 in May.

The result is a swing of 10.2% to the nationalists. Turnout was 38.6%, a fall from 58.1% at the general election.
So, going on these figures, I make it that Mr. Devine polled just under 42% of the vote and is therefore the chosen representative of only 15-20% of the eligible electorate. Democracy in action, eh? :roll:
DB do you wanna do my tax return?
I was actually being rather sloppy with that % spread: the figure is around 15.9% & as for your Tax Return, say "No" to everything! :D

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