Labour hold on to Feltham & Heston

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sebcoe, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. It looks like people want another Liarbore Govt, are people that stupid?

    Sorry no linky due to IT retardedness
  2. Thats what happens when you replace the people with imports they vote for themselves.
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  3. No, it's just a mid term byelection with an incredibly low turnout. A huge non-event with no real import to anyone, least of all the constituents.
  4. Nevertheless, it does show that at least some of the population are incapable of seeing what an utter disaster the last government was.
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  5. Yes, they are that stupid. The L.B. of Hounslow is deepest red except for the small part called Chiswick.
  6. Pretty much, the big story of the night would have been if the Tories increased their vote...

    From the BBC page....
    Which goes to show it's not what you know but you you know in the selection process....

    For some of these deep Liabour constituencies you could stick a red rosette on a walking ******** and it would still be elected....

    That simply proves how uneducated most of the electorate are in this Country. They have no understanding of the economic situation..

    Copied from elsewhere on this forum...Respect to the original poster...

    Only then and the austerity which flows from it will the uneducated start to put two and two together and realise what has gotten us into this mess.
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  7. As has been proved in Harriet Harman's constituency

    Labour were very quick to tell everyone that it was a World Banking Crisis and Margaret Thatcher's policies that caused all the problem and they weren't to blame.

    It's so easy to be in opposition because you can say what you like, it will never be put to the test until you're in power and then you just do the usual Labour thing, you blame the last Government and also chuck in Maggie.
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  8. Liarbore?

    heaves at the outdated cliche...
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  9. Sooooo a part from not being in Govt they still spout the same don't vote you!!
  10. Gordon-Brown-in-Afghanist-001.jpg

    Here's another outdated cliché for you.
  11. Yes... Mr Hed Shed Ed Millypede and his Shadow Cabinet Pals must have had a 'Collective Cum' in their Political Knickers over this. What a poor turnout, does mean diddly squat. It's just a 'Skidmark' on the Liarbore Knickers of Leftisms...... Mr Ed is no B'Lair and nor even a Paw Broone. So the Parliamentary Liarbore Party really have nothing much to crow about....
  12. Less than 15% of eligible voters bothered their arses to vote for her.

    Not really a stunning endorsement
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  13. Interestingly, the BNP managed to shed 1,200 of their 1,700 followers last year. Where have they gone?
    1) Back to Labour?
    2) Back to UKIP?
    3) Stayed in bed weeping over their dole cheque?
  14. Looks like a tw@t not a cliche...........

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  15. It would be interesting to know when last was a popular government let alone one that wasnt a disaster.