Labour Hold Glasgow North

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rampant, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  2. And a wee bit of voter fraud (vote early, vote often ??).

    BNP and others lost deposit.

    And so to bed, the detailed analysis can wait until tomorrow.

  3. Seconded.
  4. Im finding it hard to make sense of these results.

    It was no surprise that Labour would retain the seat, most of us predicted that in the other thread. The surpise is that they managed to retain it with such a huge majority. The SNP failed to deliver the blow to their majority that I thought (hoped) they would give.

    Rather dissapointed overall that the good people of Glasgow NE wernt prepared to stand up and say "Gordon we're sick of you, dont take our votes for granted", but alas it seems the Labour death grip penetrates deeper than I previously thought.

    There was poor voter turnout indeed, 33%! I live in hope that all the SNP voters were too busy working... or something. I live in fear that people have reached a point they dont think their vote will count...

    That said, people over here are still wary of the SNP (the only real threat to Labour) and quite rightly.. they dicked us for our airport railway link and the jobs and investement that was part of that, but at least now they have 6 months to start changing things before the general election, I predict maybe by then we will see a bigger SNP influence.
  5. Not surprising as most of voters didn't even bother to turn up to vote. 33% is rather poor by democratic standards. Those that did are hard-core "my generation, and the generations before me always vote Labour" and those on the government benefits "scheme" that won't derail the gravy train that hands out their freebies.

    Nothing to see here. Move on.

    ps Now let's see how Labour will spin this into the great turnaround, that the British public are valuing the benefits of their vision, how in saving the world, they're saving UK etc etc etc.
  6. I have said before I do not considered the next UK general election to be a Tory walkover.
    Some consolation in that the SNP did not make great gains, for I do expect them to become the largest party in Scotland come next May (?).
    Cammeroon will lose the next election if he makes anymore stupid statements such as his No Referendum speach only the UKIP can gain there.
    The combination of the Liberals, UKIP and Scots Nationalists could leave the Tory's or even Old Labour without a majority.
  7. Jon the forthcoming election will be interesting indeed.
    Springburn could have surprised Labour, but for the fact it has always been a safe seat. The SNP did strive I spoke to the gents a few times they appeared to be all over the place, mind you the campaigners were out early doors.
  8. Some people would vote liarbore even if the candidate was a chimpanzee; the mind set of 'my father and grandfather voted liarbore so I will too shows how thick some people are. Not only are they too stupid to think for themselves but they freely admit so! :roll:
  9. Wow what a surprise, not.

    Another excellent turnout by the constituents, about time they made voting compulsary.

    It would be good to watch those that didn't vote wanting to make a complaint about anything to their new MP, and him telling them did you vote? no p1ss off back to your dole supported house.
  10. Quote "Labour Hold Glasgow North"

    They are welcome to it.
  11. For the benefit of those of us south of the border:

    wasn't this a mostly Roman Catholic area, and does the SNP still have some problems with support amongst the RC community?
  12. Incredible that folk in areas that have been utter shiteholes for years despite always having a Labour MP, and having had a Labour government for 12 years still consider Labour to be their party.

    By the way, someone tell me that 'TILT' blokes at it. Fook me, I'd be able to stand for election and get more than 13 votes FFS.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Guess there are a lot of folks on benefits in Northern idle to even bother going to the polling office by the looks too....
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Never liked the place myself, pissed myself laughing when I heard it was city of culture. Its a shit hole and your right a significant proportion are Neds. As for the rest well if they can't be arrsed to get off their arrses to vote they get what they deserve. Let it be a lesson to the rest of us come the general election.