Labour hit rock bottom...and dig up Elvis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jungelism, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. :x

    I have no words to describe this

    BBC Link

  2. Maybe they're trying to underline that they're dead and buried.
  3. Or coming back from the dead.
  4. All we need now is McDonald's to endorse Labour and just maybe when he's on the sh_itter...
  5. I particularly noticed this line in the article:

    "An actress from the BBC's 'continuing drama' Casualty sang the praises of Labour's achievements."

    That wont have taken longthen, about 3 seconds! If they need to be using luvvies from trash soaps like that from our Labour Loving BBC they are really desperate.
  6. Hmmmm ....................... interesting interpretation of Purdah from the BBC !!!
  7. I WAS SPEACHLESS so awfull it was funny
  8. Every BBC News broadcast that I have heard today starts: "Gordon Brown...."

    Arrsers please don't plead: the absence on family duties of Cameron and Clegg... blah blah.

    The BBC is disregarding it's charter - a charter of fairness - because it knows these 'Blair buddy appointments' and the attendant huge and undeserved salaries - funded by you and me - these days are drawing to a close. Some BBC rats are leaving the soon to be de-commissioned 'ship'.

    For example take the self-satisfied, smug, inconsequential, yet omnipotent, 'arse' Damarza.

    Damarza, a self important, Labour 'luvvie', knowing that he is 'above the herd', determined to clip the wings of those who 'New' Labour deemed to be subversive - Radio 4 listeners!

    He dropped the melody: 'Sailing By'. This is the action of a sop-called graduate of history! He 'sacked' well loved and excellent presenters, but preserved those who were true to New Labour: Naughtie and Humprys.

    He binned the 'Friday Play'. He sacked Sue Lawley from 'Desert Island Discs' and replaced her a 'right on' regionally accented 'floosie'.

    In basic terms he 'dumbed down' Radio 4 in line with political directives to starve 'thinking people' of sustenance in order to develop a non-thinking vegetative clump who would never challenge the right of New Labour to govern forever!

    I pray that Mr. Cameron will clear out the BBC and arbitrarily suspend the over-paid 'luvvies'' pensions.
  9. Yes it would be good to see it done, but, dont hold your breath
  10. I figured that's where my mentality was going once the nonse did his little pimp walk onto the stage, but alas in my eyes it was so awful..

    it was awful.
  11. hahaha thats pure comedy gold, roll on the 6th of may so we can see the back of these labour mongs.
  12. Uh-uh. The real Elvis was a dyed-in-the-wool Tory conservative. He wouldn't take any guff from the Labour party at all.

  13. lsquared, you took the words right out of my mouth - I couldn't have put it better myself! Madame mnairb got me to turn the TV off yesterday afternoon as I was frothing at the mouth watching BBC News 24 following Gordon around like a puppy and hanging on his every word.

    The bizarre thing is that the BBC has a programme on Saturday morning called Newswatch where viewers write in with complaints about their news coverage and, basically, get rubbished by assorted BBC executives. A few weeks ago, Newswatch covered 'impartiality' in the BBC and wheeled out the corporation's head of impartiality (yes, apparently, there is such an animal). Within 10 minutes on the 8 a.m. news, the Beeb was up to its old tricks announcing a new Tory policy, not explaining what it was then getting the appalling Balls on to rubbish it.

    As was mentioned above, the BBC has a vested interest in keeping the status quo - after the last 13 years, they have acquired a lot more powerful enemies than powerful friends, and there are a lot of people out there wanting to settle old scores.