Labour government "worst in the history of this country”

Serwotka is a tw@t
First, it's the NUT. Marginally to the left of the CPSU.....

“I have to say to you this, that if you judge a government by how it behaves as an employer, this is the worst government in the history of this country,”
I am presently a blood-sucking, capital-leeching, wealth-draining public sector worker, but my last job was a broadly comparable position in a private company. And if the above is true, then it's really not because we're hard-done-by now. It can only be because you've been taking the p1ss for the last 30 years and look shocked that you might actually have to work for a living...
Hmm. I think we face very troubled times ahead, whoever gets in.

Would one of the regular apologists for Nu-Lab who lurk here please explain to me how come we are in such an economic mess when as Chancellor, Brown preached "prudence" at every budget? It would appear that despite this prudence, the quasi-socialist ruling junta have managed to leak out £££ faster than $hit through a Goose. And please, don't blame the banks. After all, expecting the banks not to be greedy is like expecting a Scorpion not to sting you.

I almost find myself hoping that they get in again. If they did, they would face utter ruin - with any luck at the hands of a braying lynch-mob.

If I wasn't so skint, I'd like to emigrate to somewhere with better prospects and some hope of a brighter future. Like Iraqi Kurdistan or Albania perhaps. But as I say, as a hard working native of these shores, I've been taxed to penury to pay for Nu-Labours disasterous attempts to create a multicultural workers paradise staffed by 500,000 new "non-jobs" and a welfare system designed by someone as generous and unquestioning as Bubba from Forrest Gump.

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