Labour Government in the New Year

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. Change of hairspray, has a massive effect on those with Type 42
  2. Childishly, I have just begun a nonsense task of placing Wor Diane at various prime points of history: as an overweight and dusky hued Nathan Hale, her gallows speech would include 'I only regret, that I have but one, maybe 2 or possibly 3, lives to lose for my country.'
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  3. NSP

    NSP LE

    Why do I have the uneasy feeling that a squeeze of the trigger there is not so much going to result in a decent grouping down at the butts as a cracking shiner at the point?
  4. I make no apologies for voting Remain and I still firmly believe it was the right choice, both for me and the country.

    But the above is spot on. As much as I didn’t like the result I got on board with it and anything other than committing to it in its entirety was always going to be seen as weakness in Brussels.

    Which leads me back off another Brexit thread drift to the subject at hand.

    PMTM and her government are perceived as weak; both home and abroad. She’s got to go and quick to prevent another GE which would throw us in to even more chaos when we need cross party stability and she can’t even manage achieving that on one side of the house.

    Fail to get this exit right and I am convinced our grandchildren will still be trying to clean up the post Brexit mess and rebuild relationships with our neighbours that some of us might not particularly care about now, but they will definately care about in the future.
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  5. I'm personally hoping that the next general election is held after Labour start deselectign the moderates. Many of whom would stand as independent. splitting the Labour vote. For example the MP in my neighbouring constituency is an arch blairite (so much so that tony blir did a fundraiser for her in the 2015, election). She has a douglas carswell like majority of 21,000. She is admittedly, a very good MP. If she was deselected and ran as an independent we're fairly sure she'd win.
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  6. I think we are at the point of reaching (an EU induced) crisis. PMTM unfortunately is not in a position to overcome this because she does not really believe the hard-nosed position we need to adopt and most crucially the EU know it and are exploiting the issue. At heart, PMTM is still a Remainer.

    What I think will happen is we will hit what the Remainers hope will be an impasse and the whole brexit strategy will seem insurmountable. Despite the Tory party's aversion to dis-loyalty, I think May will be forced out due to her failure to force through an acceptable deal. Johnson and Gove will fail the Tory loyalty test as having been seen to be orchestrating the coup, David Davies may well be able to step up as being the man to deliver a proper Brexit deal and due to his age will then be able to step aside with dignity prior to the next election. JRM will, having been given a cabinet post by Davies be able to step up to lead the Conservatives into the election.

    Tomorrow I will predict the lottery numbers for the weekend
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  7. Your name vill go on the list.

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  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The man would get my vote
  9. What about Dominic Raab? He is likable enough.
  10. I see you haf a picture off my Onkel Wilhelm.
  11. I forgot about him and he is pretty good but in my opinion I d prefer JRM as PM with Raab in a senior cabinet post - 2 strong individuals working together would be nice for a change!
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  12. Add in Daniel Hannan who will be looking for a job once we escape the clutches of the EU.
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  13. Add to that the EU won't want Labour to form a government with both Corbyn and McDonnell being arch brexiters, fully realising that to have the power to destroy the UK they need absolute power which is impossible without brexit
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  14. Well set up a thread about that, instead of whining about not getting your own way on this thread.

    Why do you want to turn this into another Brexit thread, it's not like we don't have any.
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