Labour Government in the New Year

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. My gut feeling is that the public, faced with a replacement Tory leader with vim and vigour who can actually talk to the public and the media and willing to counter Labour lies and lunatic economic policy would do pretty well against the dear leader - particularly when the public believe (unlike the last GE) that Jezza could actually get into power! - a vote for JC in the last election was just a protest vote with no realistic hope he could actually win.

    Don't forget that last time around JC still DIDNT WIN even though he was facing the weakest most useless candidate in living memory whose campaign was unbelievably shambolic.

    On top of that, Labours Brexit policy is unknown and a very large chunk of Leave Labour voters would not be happy if his policy was to reverse Brexit or it became so soft it was not worth doing.

    Obviously, the huge problem for the safety of the country is to identify a suitable Tory candidate with the necessary personal characteristics and they are in very short supply!!!! (as with every party at the mo)
    - realistically, it has to be Jacob Rees Mogg or Johnson as a last resort but definitely not another Remainer such as Amber Rudd or Hammond.

    The biggest issue for JRM is overcoming 'reverse snobbery' from the hate filled and bitter left wing but, based on his public performances on Question Time and the like, when he talks even the most biased BBC audiences and other panel members are respectful, quiet and listen. Simply because he does not bullshit, exaggerate, lose control, put down or talk over people and his arguments are clear, concise, balanced and most importantly truthful - even if you don't agree.
    I would fully expect JRM to wipe the floor with JC, Sturgeon, Cable or the lunatic Greens/Welsh Nationalists in any debate and he would do it politely!
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  2. I suspect that they will vote for some the proposed new constituencies but not a reduction in the overall number of constituencies i.e. a very British compromise. The due date for the report is September 2018.
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  3. Hammer on nail.
    Bloody excellent.
    However....opinions differ!;)......
  4. I don't mind if they're free, so long as they make good bogroll
  5. Awkward:

    Momentum faces election spending probe

    The Electoral Commission is investigating whether the Labour-supporting Momentum group broke finance rules during the 2017 general election.

    The elections watchdog says its probe will consider if Momentum's returns included accurate donation information.

    It said questions over compliance risked harming voter confidence.

    Momentum said: "Much of the Electoral Commission investigation refers to a series of administrative errors that can be easily rectified."

    Ah. Admin errors. That's OK, then.
  6. when I am faced with such ignorance and determined stupidity, I generally retire to the bar, smiling to myself and shaking my head in disbelief.
    This method hs served me well for decades. Perhaps you should try it.?
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  7. Was just going to post the same story. Imo this is one of the key elements of the underhand way in which Corbyn & his acolytes have been taking control of the labour party from the blair/brown 'old' guard. Its an absolute travesty & totally undemocratic which is rich considering their self proclaimed stance on fairness for all - the tossers.
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  8. If there was an election next year, my projection would be Labour winning more votes than the tories but the tories winning more seats.
  9. You old softie.
  10. Perhaps you should take your blinkers off, you may see a lot clearer, or you could read the countless posts saying exactly what I've said on every thread related to Corbyn or Labour.

    Unless of course it's not blinkers you're wearing and instead sticking your head in the sand or fingers in your ears and going "I can't hear you".

    I think by shaking your head for many years you may be suffering from shaken baby syndrome.
  11. Labour conjugation:

    We make an administrative error.

    You commit actions requiring criminal investigation.

    The Conservatives commit fraud and steal from skoolznospitalsnpensionersnchildren ;)
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  12. If we were committed to a second referendum, it would give the EU even more incentive to offer the very worst deal possible in order to force a remain vote. They are behaving in an appalling manner as it is, don't encourage them to be worse.

    What if the turn-out is lower? There is enough voting fatigue as it is.

    Everyone knew there would be a settlement to negotiate. People voted in expectation that the government would do as they were told, not keep asking until they got the answer they wanted. Whichever lofty talk the Remainers use about democratic principles, a second referendum is just a ruse to try and oppose the will of voters.

    Those who advocate changing our minds on Brexit also need to remember that the EU is already heading towards being something completely different to what we chose to leave. The UK's departure has taken the brake off on a number of issues - increased EU budgets, EU Army, greater integration, closer fiscal policy. We cannot negotiate the clock back so would have to accept those terms - something previously unacceptable to even moderate Eurofanatics.
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  13. Agree with all of this.
    However JRM is the best of a bad bunch. We would quickly find out if he has the leadership qualities required for high office.
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  14. Diane did the books, counted everything and rechecked it thrine times.
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  15. A minor error and one that can be easily overlooked.