Labour Government in the New Year

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. NSP

    NSP LE

    Alternatively we could just offer reunification and leave the bene' bill for the Republic to pick up.

    The whole thing is quite straightforward; the problem is that it's been left in the hands of squabbling, petty-minded, self-serving politicians to sort out instead of apolitical professional negotiators working to a set of clear guidelines and objectives.
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  2. Because May is doing such a good job right?
  3. Because that terrorist loving cnut would bollox the country up even more
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  4. I knew she has political enemies, and that her backbenchers were unhappy, but I never thought they would go this far.

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  5. And a collapse in the sale of razors and other associated items used for shaving.


    Also each citizen will be required to take out subrcriptions for the Guardian and Morning Star.
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  6. NSP

    NSP LE

    Standards of taste and decency in matters horizontal will descend with the speed of a rocket-assisted freefaller, too.
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  7. The EU don't want another UK election as it opens the possibility of the return of a government which has no deal as a policy. They don't want TM to fall for the same reason as she could be rplaced by an out and out Brexiteer.

    The DUP might not want any spurious deviation in the status of NI relative to the UK, but they are not going to risk a Corbyist/Sinn Fein solution.

    The real risks are either TM gets pissed and throws in the towel and/or the Brexiteers/Remainers mount a successful challenge. I would think that one of the latter was more likely given the machiavellan nature of the 1922 committee and, regardless of the outcome, providing a truely strong leader is selected, then all will be well whether we leave or remain in the EU/Customs Union. Most likely however, is that the decable will continue to the next phase as the DUP capitulate to some variant of 'regulatory alignment' and the EU contemplate the potential of the missing billions. Teresa merely needs to grow a pair.
  8. Brit jihadis fighting for ISIS in Syria must be killed, minister says

    Armed with a knackered AK - check
    AK supplied to him without a cleaning kit - check
    Roams the desert in inappropriate clothing such as a burqa, dish dash or Saville Row suit - check
    Disguised as tourist, police officer or MP - check
    Exhibits bizarre, obsessive or manic behaviour - check
    Many unexplained trips to foreign countries - check

    Sorry Boris. You're a terrorist. There's a Brimstone missile with your name on it being loaded onto a drone as I write this.
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  9. Does this mean a return to 70's bush so beloved by older ARRSE members?
  10. Overall, do you believe that the country would be in a better state now if Labour had won the last General Election?

    If you're old enough to remember, do you think we'd have been in a better state after 1979 if Maggie had lost the 1979 election and Wilson/Callaghan type governments had prevailed through the 80s and 90s?
  11. Even worse than the current terrorist loving cúnt?
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  12. Absolutely 100%
  13. Not now, but in a few years time yes! I do think we would be better off with a Labour governmemt. Mainly because most of us could not be much worse off then we are now under the current conservative govenment.

    But I am happy to sit back and eat popcorn as the Conservatives destroy our armed forces, cut police forces to the bone, and dismantle the NHS, as well as giving a 50 billion pound giveaway to the EU.

    Yes, Theresa May is doing a grand job of making sure the conservatives are not elected for at least another ten years, and I can't be anything but happy about that.
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  14. Disagree on both points. The young 'uns voted for and support Corbyn in great numbers, or at least did at the last GE. Also the Conservatives have always displayed great disunity whenever Europe is the subject of conversation. That they disagree over Brexit is understandable, Brexiteers disagree amongst themselves as do Remoaners as do Labour. In fact the only political parties that seem to be united over Brexit are the SNP and Lib Dems.
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  15. I'm not sure the boudnary changes will happen since Labour and some Tory MPs as well as the DUP, won't vote for it.