Labour Government in the New Year

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. Following the DUP getting the hump, and May trying to herd cats with her Cabinet, are we going to see Corbyn enter No 10 or will we have yet another election. If that happens I can see it being a close run thing.

    All in all 2018 is going to be a bit turbulent on the political front.
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  2. Please please please don’t let Corbyn in
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  3. Given the choice I would give him lead boots and use as part of my Mariana Trench infill programme
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  4. Problem.
    Given he is so full of shite, would that not invoke a tsumani to endanger Australia, Japan, the Phillipines, and the N/S Americas?
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  5. If an election is called, it will probably happen in March, but there is no appetite in the country for another one. We have been to the polls three times in two years now. Corbyn will probably win but not by much and will be in an equally weak position as May is now.
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  6. Surely the only way for another General Election is for the Tories to call one?

    And they will not before 2022....
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  7. My main worry is the amount of bullying and aggressive rhetoric from the hard left will only be increased this time round.
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  8. Correct answer. As it stands it would be a coalition with the SNP and possibly even the Liberals. However, as the DUP want a Corbyn Government even less than most on here i can see them agreeing some equally meaningless phrase before the Council of leaders next week.
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  9. "this time round" will not be for another 4 years though, in which time anything could happen.
  10. Brexit goes to hell, Government goes all to hell, a Motion that the House has no confidence in the Government goes through, early election called.

    Which could rebound on those who wanted to topple the Government due to people being sick of constant elections as well as any repercussions from the likes of "The Great Student Loan Lie" and the assorted mindless stupidity when it comes to economics.
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  11. I am less convinced that the result would be so close. I would not underestimate the depth of unhappiness with the government that austerity has generated; then there's the effect of a younger generation coming to terms with the fact that they will be poorer than their parents. If you think that capitalism has failed you - and house prices, zero hours contracts, student loans and deteriorating public services can do that for you - then all of a sudden accusing Corbyn of seeking to do away with that isn't seen as a criticism.

    I'd see the only credible driver of another election being a failure of the government to deliver Brexit; if that is so then Brexit stops being a differentiator between the parties. Trouble is, Brexit has split the country in many ways, not necessarily along traditional party lines, so it is more difficult to predict what would happen than usual.

    I think it would be a brave man indeed that ruled anything out right now.
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  12. As well as the ‘double voting’ for students
  13. Ah, but that wouldn't be a reason for a backlash against the Party, for students will remember what they thought to be a promise turned out to be anything and everything but one and be a bit less trusting. Could make a difference, for you can be sure these things are still fresh enough n memories to have an effect on thinking.
  14. If Corbyn entered No 10, surely there would have to be an election first.

    For a bunch of commies, Labour seem to be following the same strategy as Eton Dave when he was leader of the opposition and Gordon Brown was PM. "Sit back and watch the wheels come off the government" was Dave's plan and it worked.

    Jez seems to be doing the same thing. Keep the total idiots like Diane Abbot and all the suspected sex offenders off the telly and let the PM do his job for him with Brexit cock ups. I really don't think this will be enough to get us a PM with an allotment and a Chancellor determined to prove that he is the man to make Marxism work where every other bugger in the past 100 odd years has failed.

    I think the Tories will seek a new leader with a bit more urgency in the new year. A PM who couldn't see that announcing massive tax increases in the GE manifesto was not a vote winner nor that the political offspring of Ian Paisley might be just a tad miffed about EU/Irish legislation applying in Northern Ireland lacks the political sense to be Prime Minister.

    We need a PM who will frighten the sh1te out of the EU and remind the Irish that they are effectively a small island and that we have form for invading, shelling and bombing small islands, even when it's one of our own. In short, what we need in No 10 is an absolute political b@stard who will stop at nothing to advance the interests of this country.

    Unfortunately, she died several years ago so we'll have to make do with somebody else. Boris has spent too long playing the fool to make an effective negotiator. David Davies is a possible if he's still got the issue balaclava from when he was one of THEM. Norman Tebbitt could have been a contender but I understand he recently gave a kicking to a bunch of Chinese people because they were Chinese and also spoke about why single mothers should not be RAF fighter pilots so the Chingford Strangler would not be a wise choice.

    There's a paucity of talent so perhaps we should just get somebody who can read from a script.

    1 We're paying you nothing unless you can prove that it's legally owed.
    2 Even then, we might not pay you. Any problems, talk to our giant fekkin aircraft carrier.
    3 We'll stop paying non-contributory benefits to foreign nationals the day after Brexit.
    4 We'll start enforcing UK law and deporting EU citizens who have been out of work for 3 months.
    5 WTO will mean massive fekkin tariffs on German cars. My granddad didn't die in 2 world wars so we could all say Vorsprung durch Technik.
    6 If necessary, Learjets carrying EU potentates through UK air space will be shot down.
    7 If Jean-Claude Juncker turns up pissed again at a breakfast meeting, we'll deport all our Romanian gypsies to Brussels.
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