Labour gives amnesty for 450,000 failed asylum seekers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. No Gurkhas need apply!!

    in full
  2. 450,000 more votes for Neue Arbeit.

    Presumably the questionairres will be the "multiple choice" type where the "right" answer is obvious.

    Interesting thing about this, when I was in, one of the guys in the regiment was from the Isle of Man - although he was allowed to serve in HM Forces his (British) passport was stamped "no entitlement to work on the British mainland".
  3. in roman times that would mean 450,000 more soldiers! isit me or was i not asked if i wanted 450,000 more immigrants in my country let alone asked if i wanted to pay for their legal proceedings, food , accomodation abd benefits!
  4. yep you were asked at the last the last election and you failed to vote BNP!

  5. To put it into perspective that's about the population of Portsmouth and the surrounding areas X 2. I always thought that if you did something illegal then you would not profit by that illegality......oh sorry Liabhorance at its best. The vast majority are not exactly professional peope who would be a non-draining asset on our resources.
    Just my daily god given right to rant, thankyou.

  6. Justified, someone travelling accross Free Europe with no viable skills, nor desire to work, just a hunger for State Money, is much more valuable than someone from the Isle Of Man, IMHO.
  7. So, we truly are the Dustbin of Europe :x
  8. My bold

    God has given you that right but the liabour shites have taken it away!
  9. i was young and foolish! (i actually still am but oh well)

  10. Does that mean they wont be claiming all the benefits for them and there familys such as housing, etc etc?
  11. These are, of course, FAILED asylum seekers. They've come in illegally and have no reason to stay here apart from economic benefits. They must have gone through all the rigmarole of asylum, appeal, further appeal etc etc and have still been found wanting.
    Although immigration has been fairly good for this country (in small doses) the massive amount now coming in is a huge drain on our resources.
    These people will, I have no doubt, start claiming more than the basic asylum seekers benefits in the future and become an even bigger drain.
    It will also send out the message that you can come to Britain, disappear for a few years and then be granted the right to stay.
    No matter how much it costs, these people should be sent back to their country of origin. I also bet a few hundred thousand more will now crawl out of the woodwork as the authorities have absolutely no idea how much illegals are in this country, they can't even keep tabs on those who are legally here.
  12. Why is it do you think that house prices are so high?

    Interest rates, borrowing figures, all have nothing whatsoever to do with it. Its simple supply and demand.
  14. Where are all the liberals lately?

    We have not had many people posting for the UK to become the waste basket of the world for quite a while now (at least 5 days).
  15. Actually is there anyone really surprised at this decision? It's the standard Liebour (actually ANY present 'mainstream' political party) way of 'resolving' a problem. God knows how many illegals??? Simple answer ... have an amnesty and make them all legal. Problem solved!!!!

    Did we really think that the days of spin and political ducking and diving were over because the Arch Idiot had left the stage???? God save us all from politicians!!!!!

    10 years ago I worked in Southall, and was told then by a French Somali that this country was mad. Anyone who had entered any other country in the world as a refugee illegally, or legally and had then got involved in crime would be instantly deported. In Britain they were allowed to make appeal after appeal against deportation ... even when serving 10 years for armed robbery.