Labour get 1 million in donation!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Karl_uk, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. From JK Rowling!! wat the bollocks?!?!

    And this is not even a joke!

    Harry Potter author JK Rowling has donated £1m to the Labour Party, the party has announced.

    Ms Rowling said she was motivated by Labour's record on child poverty and opposed a Conservative plan to give tax breaks to married couples.

    Her donation will boost Gordon Brown as he tries to calm unrest among party members at Labour's annual conference.

    My bold: Why would she oppose that? the f*cking slag :evil: :evil: :evil: 8O
  2. Dame rowling in the new year prehaps or am i just being cynical
  3. If she had that much spare dosh floating around, why didn't she do something nonpolitical that would have seen her public opinion grown enormously and donate the £1m to Help for Heros.
  4. She writes books for kids.... No-one said she's bright.
  5. Fcuking silly cow
  6. Surely if she has a spare million to waste, and it is wasted, she would be doing something about child poverty herself rather than buying a new years honour and maintaining a disgustingly opulent lifestyle!!
  7. £1m to Liarbour for their child poverty policies, which have not done anything to prevent child poverty in this country in the 11 years that they have been in power.

    As her money has mainly been made from children she would have been better off donating it to childrens charities. It would have had more impact.

    She has always been a fan of New Labour, and I believe has donated to Bliar, I suppose she is into fiction not only in her books, but from her politics too.
  8. One million, ten million or one hundred million - its not gonna save Labour.

    Good money after bad.
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    That's that bitch and her scribble banned from my gaf.
  10. Beat me to it IT_Guy!!!!But the funny thing is, if NewZanu is short of the odd buck or two, I believe Cheri Blair isn't shy of the odd million, or Glodsmith, or a few others. Why don't they dig deep? Perhaps because they think politics is for making money out of, not donating money to. How instructive.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Fcuking stupid tart. She rips off the wizard genre, doesn't do it as well as either Terry Pratchet or Lord of the Rings, makes a fortune, and then gives it to the party that has ensured that many, many more kids are going to grow up in poverty over the next 5-10 years!!!

    Fcuk the b!tch - my daughter won't be reading her sh!t either.

    I bet a million pounds she's going to be nominated for something real soon - just before Zanu NL get thrown out for a long time.

    How many kids would a million pounds get out of child poverty? How much good would a million pounds do if given directly to supporting charities?

    How much good will it do if it's used to pay off ZANU's RICH creditors?

  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah its definitely a downpayment on a plush red bench in the Lords. Its quite canny really, going for the 'leaving office' PM's goodbye nominations - which are surely imminent.
  13. All these kids pocket money now funding the Liabour Party retirement fund!

    Are there NO depths this shower of sh1te will plumb to?

    JK a Single mother, it was HER choice, so why should she now bail this gobberment out?
  14. Rowling is reported to have personal wealth of £560m and £750m. Consequently she is completely insulated from the effect of 'New' Labour's policies. I do not imagine that she would go anywhere near an NHS Hospital, she can afford private education for her daughter and she lives in a vast, high-security castle in the middle of nowhere in Scotland. Much like the multi-millionaire Tony Blair and his appalling wife, and many, many others of the New Labour glitterati, they can buy themselves out of the effects of their Government's failure. A stupid, stupid woman.
  15. Good to see we haven't lost our sense of perspective :roll: