Labour find GDP figures 'Deeply concerning'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. well see their policies of "spend, spend, spend" can work, but only in the short run. Their sad dillusion that they are investing in the economy by spending. Coalition policy looks more towards increasing long run aggregate supply, with their cuts to the deficit, and reforms of the welfare system.

    But it is interesting to note as you state, that they seem to be rather talented at taking a step away from the mess the have just caused. True in the Thatcher era, true today.
  2. Fails to mention that Labour had signed up to 80% of what the coalition has done.

    Suprised that he didn't mention that it's is all Maggie Thatcher's fault.
  3. Its funny when Labour do that, in terms of economic policy Margeret Thatcher's was damn near infallible
  4. No, that won't be Labour its more likely to be SNP as everyone up here blames Thatcher for everything including aids & Herpes
  5. isnt she the contractor for the new edinburgh trams system?
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  6. Read an article in the Telegraph a few weeks back by the Labour MP masquerading as the Shadow Defence Secretary. Apparently, they were extremely nice to the Armed Forces when THEY were in power and gave them everything that they wanted and they always really loved the forces - at least since they realised there might be votes in it for them.
  7. Losing the last election came at just the right time for Labour. If they had scraped through then they would have been held fully responsible for the appalling mess we would have found ourselves in. We would have ended up with a Greek style economic listing and the Pound would have been worthless but we would all know exactly who was to blame.

    As it is they play the bankers fault mantra and then say if only they'd have had just a tiny bit longer all would have been wonderful. Living in a staunch Labour area you'd be amazed at how many people thing Brown was an economic genius and the best Chancellor this country has ever known! Their power of self-delusion is unbelievable.

    Times are hard, we're up shit creek and we're having to bear the brunt of huge cuts. The only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that the Coalition wont suddenly turn round and start splashing out, to gain instant popularity, and bring the whole economy crashing down around us. I may not like Cameron but I sure as hell don't want Milliband.
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