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Labour fiddling in Jockland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. Funny old thing:

    Controversial proposal to extend M74 in Glasgow...

    Labour donor and crony stands to make megabucks in land compensation...

    Official inqury recommends no to M74 extension....

    Crony has a word in the ear of Jack "The Tw@t" McConnell...

    Land compensation "revalued" to the benefit of Labour crony...

    Scottish Executive overrules the inquiry and orders the M74 extension to proceed...

    From the Scotsman:

    Full article at
  2. Nothing surprises me about new Labour anymore......North or South of the border :evil:

    Nothing like greasing the hand of donors, so they can give you more funds :roll:
  3. And people still claim that the Tories are the party of sleaze....
  4. As someone who will benefit from the road I say get it built. Soon! I suspect however, it could become the jock version of Twyford down with our own version of that bloke who died shortly after becoming famous (forget his name) Stumpy/ Scruffy something like that. I also have a suspicion that Strathclyde Police may be a little less tolerant than their southern cousins. I await with baited breath. Last point, I also think Tolls could get another try for this one.
  5. I quite agree that this could be a testing grounds for the toll system.

    That road really did need to go 'somewhere', but i think that the issue could have been dealt with far better and far more openly thatn the scottish executive have dealt with it.

  6. yeah, I get your point, it all fits together a tad too neatly. It is about time there was a link directly from the south. Glad I don't have any shares in the new retail park though, I think it might lose some of it's passing trade. As for the tolls I reckon that by the time the road is built they will have come up with the answers to the reasons that made the Edinburgh folk reject it, and as they never had anywhere to try them out previously I think this will be the place. After all I'm sure some company will be willing to help pay for it for a cut of the profits for the next 70 or so years.
  7. one of the main arguments in edinburgh against the tolls, is that the tolls were being made out to be helping lower fuel emmissions in the city centre. it soon came to light that the majority of emmissions (75-80%) came from the buses and taxis that would still be allowed along through the city centre. reducing traffic in the city centre wouldn't have made a difference at all. the boundaries they had come up with for the tolls were unclear and to be honest it was a bit of a botched up job trying to "sell" the idea to the public