Labour crime knee jerk!


From the beeb today... :shakefist:

Tougher community sentences and more measures to rehabilitate criminals are among a raft of law and order ideas being unveiled by Tony Blair.

The prime minister's policy review will also back units for mentally ill prisoners and a police reorganisation.

The Lord Chancellor said the government had to constantly look to improve its approach to law and order.

But the Tories accused Mr Blair, who is due to step down, of "grandstanding" in the "dying days of his premiership".

The prime minister's review will identify ways to cut red tape, make the police more accessible to the public and give forces greater say over their budgets.

Maybe my memory is getting worse but didn't our outgoing self serving z list celeb wannabe rant over & over about tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime. Well fcuk me he's taken his time! He waits until now as his premiership races towards the "U" bend before doing something????? Yet another Blair/Labour policy failure.!
What next?.....

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Ah, Mr Blair.
"Tough on Socialism and the causes of Socialism....."
Hang on a minute, I think I got that wrong.....
Its taken 11 years and he's decided to reform criminal justice again.What a complete and utter joke.Does anyone take this self serving freeloading idiot seriously anymore.
Police red tape,its because of his pathetic Govt that the Police are saddled with red tape,and he's going to cut it!!
Give me a break!
pomps said:
Tougher community sentences
Eh? What are they, then, Tony? Exactly?

Having a finger wagged at them when they rip their tag off? Being told not to do it again when they mug another pensioner? What is he expecting this to do other than fill the column headers in a few 'newspapers'?

There aren't any effective sanctions on crims these days, because once he's finished p*ssing our money away on get-rich-quick PFI schemes for his business mates and useless policy 'initiatives', there's nothing left for law and order. Gordon's already taxed the public until there's nothing left to give and there would likely be a revolution if he tried.

Headlines for the sake of headline, Labour will cheer, the Conservatives will damn and the Lib-Dems wil fuss about on the fringes trying to get noticed, but it will have no relevance to anybody outside the back-slapping circle at Westminster.

Or, to put it another way, "C*NT!"
What's the betting the first recommendation will be 'Police services should merge to better utilise resources..."


TB (or any politician) is a bit like an exercise bike;

The advert was good at the time
By getting one you would become healthier
It costs a hell of a lot of money
You always find excuses not to use it
It sits in the cellar collecting dust for years and gets in the way
When you do get rid of it, your still unhealthy AND are out of pocket

The next model is exactly the same.

Can we sell em on Ebay?
MikeMcc said:
What's the betting the first recommendation will be 'Police services should merge to better utilise resources..."
I'm waiting for that one myself,mergers based on the euro regions like hospital mergers,ambulance service mergers and army regt mergers!!


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Tougher community sentences
Forgive me if I am wrong but does this mean that Herr Uber Furher Blair is suggesting that our criminals and delinquents will have to be in bed by 2130hrs?

"Tough on crime - tough on the causes of crime"

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