Labour cook the books - Labour treasurer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. I believe him...unlike Nanny Tessa, whom I do not :twisted:

    My jaw dropped an inch or two when Mr Dromey popped up on Channel 4 News. This is quite unprecedented and the damage caused can only be guessed at.

    If this sleaze is coupled with a drubbing in the May elections, I think the Labour party will seek to part company with the Dear Leader as quickly as possible, in order to save what remains of their party.

  2. I remember when Blurs gang first fot in power and one of his bitches got up on TV and eas giving it sh1t on Tory Misrule.
    Seems to have gone quite on Labour Sleaze.
    "Jack Dromey, the husband of Harriet Harman, the constitutional affairs minister, effectively accused the Prime Minister of running a secret funding operation involving millions of pounds without the knowledge of the party's elected officials.
    His remarks suggested that millions of pounds raised in loans before the election did not go through the normal party accounts."
    Blur has run the most corrupt government since Lloyd George.
  3. What's to stop Bliar resigning next week, doing a Mandelson or a Blunkett, enjoying a pay-off coupled with a long sunshine holiday and rejoining the Labour front benches later in the year when the furore has died down a bit. Sounds like a good sketch to me.
  4. Oh! what a tangled web they weave, when Labour practices to deceive...

    My forecast of events:

    Today: Bliar claims he didn't know about large sums of money being 'lent' to the party in return for dodgy deals on peerages

    Tomorrow: Tessa Jowell declares her support and says she has complete confidence in Bliar's

    Saturday: Bliar is cleared of everything by a civil servant appointed by him to look at some very narrow aspect of the case

    Sunday: Jack Dromey goes for a walk in some woods near his home...
  5. So while Mr Dromey investigates "cash for honours-gate", Mrs Dromey asks to be relieved of her duties in reforming the House of Lords (BBC Link).

    Could she really be so unaware of what was going on if she is reviewing what happens with a view to changing it?.

    Meanwhile ... and also relevant to the other Blair Babe/hubby clash (mortgage-gate) - the new Private Eye quotes an earlier publication (hence the flowery prose)

    Than you to Mrs Beaton, writing in Englishwomen's Domestic Magazine in 1857.
  6. My politics has always between me and the rubbish bin but as I veered from left of centre to right of centre, I toyed with the idea of joining a reputable mainstream political party but not finding any I've decided to join the Labour Party. Put me down for 50k, low denominations and used notes please.
  7. Welcome, Lord Mistersoft of Arrseonia
  8. Explains the mortgage then........

    So much for his promise of a 'Sleeze Free' Goverment..... If you or I got up to these sort of dealings then our feet wouldnt touch and we'd be off to one of HM's nice hotel's for a free long holiday....

    Its way past time for this inept corrupt bunch to go
  9. They took out 14 million out in 'Loans' at commercial rates of interest (any lower and it breaks the rules and would have had to be declared) before the last election. There has been no mention of any of it being repayed so far. Is there anyone out there with the fiscal knowledge to work out how much interest has been acrewed so far and how much the labour party are going to have to pay back to try and make all this go away?

    Not a very economic way of fundraising for an election is it? No wonder everything is falling appart despite them throwing more money at things. Look how they run their own finances..... their treasurer doesn't even know how bad things are?