Labour claims that NHS comments are unpatriotic

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Extremist, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. Daniel Hannan has told a bunch of people in the US that the NHS is basically sh!t.

    Labour have rounded on him and attacked him as being 'unpatriotic'.

    Now, the state of the NHS and arguments about it besides . . . . . . which is more unpatriotic?

    1. Slating the NHS as sh!t.

    2. Destroying the United Kingdom and flogging it off peicemeal to the European Union without so much as a referendum.

    Answers on to a postcard to:

    Gordon McCyclops Broon
    101 SpecSavers
  2. Standard Socialist response. If someone says something that Socialists disapprove of, the Socialists start rubbishing them.........
  3. Wait.... is patriotism good or bad at the moment?
  4. "unpatriotic"....WTF?...I have some idea about what that term means, I don't usually associate it with a Government organisation or the slating of if you say something negative against tax's is that "unpatriotic" or some Government quango that promotes gay ballet or some such shite.?...

    Frankly it sounds like some BS septic remark like "un-American" whatever that means to quiten down any dissent or unfavourable view.
  5. From what I read of Hannan's speech he didn't seem to just be saying the NHS was in a shit state, he said it was a shit idea.

    Personally I don't see the salvation of the nation being in the hands of any politician, regardless of how many popular speeches they make. That's about all they're good for, speaking.
  6. I don't agree with Hannan (and he has caused Cameron some real grief here) but the suggestions that:

    a) Criticising government policy is unpatriotic

    b) This adminstration have any patriotic feeling which can be used as a benchmark

    are both utterly ludicrous and follows on from Ainsworth's recent attempts to draw similar inferences over Afghanistan.

    Patriotism, Burnham? You really are having a laugh.

    Mandleson has reverted to the neo-con post 9/11 playbook.
  7. I, like the other posters here, agree that it's a totally preposterous idea that to criticise a tool of state, whether you are criticising the current state of it or the whole idea of it, is unpatriotic, total nonsense and really ammusingly reminiscient of Stalin's Russia (it would be shocking if anyone took anything Labour said seriously).

    I do have some sympathy for the point one could make, that it's not really appropriate to go abroad and slate our countries institutions to another country. It's nothing to do with us for a start, and I don't appriciate our system being held up as the way not to do things by Hannan.
    I like Hannans ideas expressed in 'The Plan', I would suggest reading it, but this barefaced populism and media flirting is starting to damage his reputation and piss me off..
  8. Ok, but think of the context in which Daniel Hannan spoke against the NHS.

    He said it to a foreign media and added in a few swipes at Cyclops.

    This portrays to the American media that England can't run a newsagent let alone a country. He had no business saying what he said...especially when life expectancy is higher in the UK than the US and the NHS can take credit for however a tiny percent of that. Daniel Hannan is a media whore and a full on c0cksucker - the UK has had a serious blow in terms of international respect founded on lies being thought up by republicans without Daniel Hannans horror stories of that one time he had to wait an hour at the doctor cos he had an ear infection.

    The difference between the Yanks health care and the UK's health care is that Yanks pay insurance and when people get sick they are subsidised by people who don't get sick (essentially a socialist system whereby healthy people are paying for sick people) - but in England we don't ditch (this has been very well documented) people on the street upon finding they have no means to pay for health care.

    40 percent of American bankruptices are due to families trying to scrape together money for a member that has: had a heart attack, a stroke or something similar.

    The british system may not be perfect, what is, but for a rich country to have hospitals that turn away the sick because they cannot pay is just plain revolting, and that a large constituency of the citizenry should support such callousness is sick in itself. And for an English MEP to wade into a discussion that has nothing to do with us has embarrassed this entire country, so Daniel Hannan can get another 15 minutes of fame on Fox News.
  9. He's not far wrong if by England you mean the British goverment.
  10. Your first clue should have been when you had to pay to see his plan for saving the UK. If he had a genuine interest in helping people he'd have slapped up a free PDF version of his site so anyone could read it. The last bloke I recall having a best seller about what needed to be done to save his nation wasn't very nice anyway :wink:
  11. Fine. Moan about England as much as you like.

    Immigrants are flooding the place, kunts are claiming benefits blah blah

    These are universal problems across Europe, the common wealth and America. But for an MEP to butt in and give an uneducated and bias view (everyone knows Daniel Hannan is basically on his knees with his mouth open hoping to gargle any American politicians spunk) when our NHS is on the whole, far better than Americas system.

    What's more if you don't like the NHS you can go private.[/b

    That Kunt needs to be sacked asap.
  12. I'm surprised it hasn't been cited thus far but as Samuel Johnson said:

    That was my initial thoughts when I heard "Burn him" :wink: round on Hannon.

  13. Yes we want MPs who toe the party line and say whatever their masters tell them to say.
    Its not Just England labour have arsed up its the entire UK
  14. It 's not like the cnut has ever had to go NHS is it?

  15. Are you a member of the Labour party perchance? Rounding up names of those who are dissenting against the great leader?