Labour calls for 65mph speed limit when M-ways are wet

How about compulsory savage beatings for anyone caught driving like a **** whatever the weather's like?
well at least no-one can accuse them of band-wagon jumping
Weather isn't the only factor. On some roads, there are more fatalities and serious injuries on clear dry sunny days that wet foggy ones. When the weather is shit, most motorists slow down and take more care.

The standard of driving in the UK is generally quite high, but not uniformly so. There are people who should never have been given a driving license, such as the Maureen's of this world. You should be allowed 3 attempts, fail all three, and you are on the bus for life. Its what we do with Airline pilots, Army Officers and surgeons.

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If only we could trust the buggers not to act like complete bastards I'd be for deleting all speed limits and leaving it up to the cops to charge folk with dangerous driving based on the whole range of road conditions. 90 mph on a straight, dry and empty section of motorway is a damn slight less dangerous that 35 mph in fog on a twisting country lane etc etc.


In principle a good idea, I noticed the road signs in Spain and France stating reduced limits when wet. Unfortunately the stupid ******* bitch that hit me head on, on my side of the road in 2006 was estimated to be doing sixty on a B road when the viz was about fifty yards. No ******* common sense, at least the silly cow had to be cut out of her car and will have a fucked ankle for life.
In principle a good idea, I noticed the road signs in Spain and France stating reduced limits when wet.
You are so right and something I totally agree with as it saves deaths and injuries. Fortunately we have methods in place that deter motorists from speeding - it is called the "péage" whereby those who speed get their fine automatically added to their toll charge, something that seems to infuriate foreign drivers!! Penalties are on a sliding scale: Fines range from 65 to 3750 Euros and are payable on the spot by foreign drivers. Anyone exceeding the limit by more than 50km/h get a 3 month prison sentence and lose their licence for up to 3 years. Plus the possibility of their vehicle being confiscated - it happens, believe!!


Reactionary rubbish - how about educating drivers rather than making more rules and regulations which people will ignore.


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They had 13 long years in government to change the speed limit, why is it only now that they announce this?
[Wah factor four] The multi-car pile up on Friday allowing them to pull the 'something must be done / won't someone please think of the childern' card and pretend to be relevant?[/Wah factor four]
some drivers behave like cretins all the time some just do occasionaly on a motorway a minor **** up can lead to a disaster.
5mph is not going to save anyone.
teaching people to drive to their actual ability and taking in road conditions might but if you could do that the peeps at the un would like a word:)
We already have variable speed limits on motorways....

When its foggy/wet the overhead gantrys state a lower speed limit...which are enforceable. Even tells you that in the Highway Code if i remember.

Nothing new at all.Labour blowing hot air again.

Edit:..Rule 261 of the Highway Code...

You MUST NOT exceed 70 mph (112 km/h), or the maximum speed limit permitted for your vehicle (see Rule 124). If a lower speed limit is in force, either permanently or temporarily, at road works for example, you MUST NOT exceed the lower limit. On some motorways, mandatory motorway signals (which display the speed within a red ring) are used to vary the maximum speed limit to improve traffic flow. You MUST NOT exceed this speed limit.

So yep...we already have them
65mph? I call bullshit considering I was doing close to a ton back from my son's parents day at Catterick yesterday and it was pissing down. I got back safely.
Will 5mph make that much of a difference? When the weather's bad, the variable speed limits drop to 50mph or even 40mph.

Sounds like someone's being rather non-commital.

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