Labour betray our soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whistleblower, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Labour 'betray' our soldiers by cutting their front line allowances
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    Thousands of British troops including SAS soldiers have been 'cynically betrayed' after frontline allowances were reduced behind their backs.

    The cuts have been uncovered by The Mail on Sunday less than a fortnight after Tony Blair and Ministers boasted they were paying tax-free bonuses of £2,240 to soldiers in danger zones like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    But now a change in allowances when troops are separated from their families means those deployed on two six-month tours over two years will have their payments reduced from £6,679 before tax to £4,338, a loss of £2,341.

    Soldiers accused Ministers of 'giving with one hand and taking more with the other' and warned many would quit.

    Ministers were thrown into panic last night, when the scandal came to light. Defence Secretary Des Browne said: "This is the first I've heard. This has nothing to do with the tax-free bonus I announced, which I made clear would be paid for by new money from the reserve - there is no question of giving with one hand and taking away with the other. I have ordered an urgent review to ensure that no one loses out."

    This is a huge embarrassment to Tony Blair. Just 12 days ago he boasted on TV about the new bonuses: "It's important to recognise what our troops are going through today. It is something quite different from what they have faced over the last few decades. The work in places like Afghanistan is vital for the world's security but it's very, very tough."

    Mr Browne was said to be 'bloody furious' that he had not been told by Ministry of Defence officials about the allowance cuts for troops risking their lives.

    Insiders insisted it was a 'cock-up, not a conspiracy'. Whitehall sources said Mr Browne would sort out the 'mess' tomorrow morning and promised no soldiers would lose out. The sources claimed 'not very many people' would be affected.

    But Tory MP Mark Lancaster, a Territorial Army Major who has just returned from braving rocket-propelled grenades in Afghanistan, said: "Our Armed Forces are incandescent with rage about this cut in their separation allowances. Several thousand troops will be affected and that includes elite Special Forces on the frontline in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    "The recent tax bonus announced by the Government was a knee-jerk reaction to public pressure. Now we discover this shambolic mess. Shadow Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox added: "This represents either a new low in Labour's political cynicism or unparalleled incompetence by the MoD. It is a cruel betrayal of those brave servicemen and women who are putting their lives on the line for this country.

    "Blair's claims about valuing our troops have turned out to be nothing more than empty words. We will be raising this in Parliament at the earliest opportunity and demanding that this cut be reversed. This looks like a Gordon Brown defence stealth tax."

    A sergeant just deployed to fight the Taliban in Helmand province said: "On our return, several of my colleagues are going to vote with their feet. This cycle of giving with one hand and taking with the other is in danger of destroying the Forces."

    The allowances bungle was uncovered by the Mail on Sunday after MoD military and Civil Service policy planners altered payments to troops on tours of duty.

    Previously, a soldier serving two six-month tours spread over two years received a long separated service allowance of £6,679 before tax.

    But the newly-named longer separated allowance being introduced by the MoD has resulted in a new bonus system that will reduce payments for the same duties over the same period to £4,338.
  2. My mate spent extra time above n beyond out in theatre specifically to be in the bracket for his bonus. worked his ass off too. Got back to UK to find that in fcat it had all been in vain as the advising clerks office had forgotten the bit about overlap bonus dates, or whatever it's called..
  3. Hey, if they cut a few more battalions, it'll affect even less people and save even more money! :roll:
  4. "Labour 'betray' our soldiers by cutting their front line allowances"

    This is a surprise having given a tax break, gotta get the money back somehow
  5. Lots of adjustments to allowances with introduction of JPA and you all know in what direction!!
  6. The government wants an army, but is unwilling to pay for it!

    The B'liar government lives in cload cockoo land... :(
  7. Here are the figures - copied from another arrse thread:

    With the change over to LSA (which is replacing LSSA) there will be no more LSSA(AT) or LSSA(AT+) bonuses. They have instead brought in an extra 11 levels (now a total of 14) which you will progress up every 300 days of qualifying service. Those people who are currently on 0-100 days of accumulated LSSA days (check your pay statement) will be credited up to 100 days and will start on level 1 (currently £6.02 per day). Level 2 starts at 400 days, and so on. Level 14 is currently £25.42 per day but, before anyone gets too excited, consider the following examples (all figures are before tax):

    A soldier who is currently on 600 days or above(LSSA level 3) who goes on 2x 6-month tours in a 2 year period would (at current rates) receive £6679.30 under LSSA.

    Now look at the amounts a soldier would receive for the same service under LSA:

    With 600 days (Only level 2 0n LSA) = £4338.3. (A loss of £2340.70)

    700 days (Level 3 on both sytems) = £4759.90

    1000 days (Level 4) = £5202.10

    1300 days (Level 5) = 5596.30

    Getting the picture?

    In fact, you would need to have 2058 days of accumulated LSSA service just to break even. Anyone out there got that much? If so there can't be that many.

    My point is that (as many people have already predicted) the government doesn't review things like this and say " know what, those squaddies are getting a s*** deal. Lets give them what they desrve!"

    Instead they'll give with one hand, take (twice as much) with the other, and be so impressed with all the money they've saved the tax-payer that they'll give themselves another inflation busting salary rise!
  8. What a fcuking surprise, a Job for BAFF and freindly Journos this or as the Canadians, Ozzies and Yanks are recruiting how about changing colours?
  9. Why is anyone suprised in the slightest?
    Any voter who puts their cross against a Labour candidate in the next election needs their head examining .
  10. Im not an expert on maths, but
    Is there a £101 PROFIT in this scheme for the government?
    If you want to find some more cash Mr Blair you could try relating inflation to Ministerial Salaries! (or vice versa!)
  12. Your not wrong. at least they appreciate their armed forces.
  13. Quelle suprise - good ole Unc T Bliar saying one thing and doing another!

    Why is anyone surprised? This is the same Primeminister who, less than a month ago promised that anything commanders wanted, they would get - as if he could conjure up extre choppers and squaddies from his ring piece or something!

    Down here in Oz I am finding some things are very similar - same under manning and over deployment at my unit in Oz as there was in UK. However, one major difference is deployment pay. Over here, you are paid tax-free whilst on deployment. You also get extra pay tax free, rate dependant on the 'threat' in theatre you go to. In Iraq it is Au$150 extra a day. On a 6 month deployment, that works out to roughly Au$27,000 extra, not counting the tax savings on your normal pay.

    Somehow, I can't see Gordon Brown allowing members of the armed forces such lavish extras - they are for MP's only. Usually only ministers at that!

    As for Mr Blair and co - well, we were dumb enough to vote them again, so they get another 5 years of stuffing the country.
  14. Is there a link to this, and since it IS the Hate on Sunday - can the claim be independently verified???
  15. Can You tell me what this other thread is, please