Labour and the Unions.

Never heard of Owen Jones but I suppose while the Torygraph are picking on him, they are leaving everybody else alone!
One type of socialist mocking another type of socialist. A modern parody of the Russian Revolution!

Both sides of the socialist divide can be wrong!
Owen Jones is one of those new breed of socialists that Labour has crawling all over the party. His parents were trots, one working for the local council, but not as a road sweeper and the other a lecturer, his Grandaddy a commie and he is proper working class as he went to a Comprehensive school, ignoring the fact that he ended up at University College, Oxford.

He worked as a union lobbyist then researcher for the party, now he spends his time appearing on political programs and writing for the Indie.

That he has never not once held a spanner, wielded a pick, stood on a production line, drove a lorry, or any of the many other jobs that tradition working classes people do or did does not stop him having an opinion on the what the working classes truly want. He rather like the rest of the Labour frontbench feel they are truly entitled to greatness on the backs of the working class.

Oh and the final tick in the "right on" box is that he is gay.
Maybe we should have recorded the conversations on the pit bus as it made a winter journey for the 6AM shift.

Those (unemployed parasites) still abed were roundly cursed. C-nts fiddling the sickness benefit were, yes, roundly cursed. House prices were discussed. A silly bitch selling council houses to idle bastards was roundly cursed. The problem with that silly bitch was of course she wasn't Thatcherite enough to understand that the NCB suffered from ********* bucking the market. Stop paying dole to scroungers, stop flogging council houses to idle ********* and unbuck the market to expose NCB to the competitive supply side market.

In spite of the rhetoric and occasional Welshman bursting into dawn song there was usually time to read the pit bus Telegraph and run an eye over the FT.
Why should socialists do a day's work? Karl Marx is their inspirational figure who spent his life sponging off the rich whilst sermonising about the evils of money.

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