Labour and the Trade unions to split

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sebcoe, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. I hope this is the death knell for Labour and the trade unions, it's like two abusive parents divorcing, support for the unions dropping, funding of the Labour Party dropping......Len macluskie out of a job.

    I do like the Labour tag line of " One Nation"

    Just count me out Ed!
  2. Just further proof that "right" & "left" in politics are dead and buried.

    Politics, for 90% of the population, are a straight analysis of which party puts the most coin in their pocket.

    The Swivel Eyed Loons and the Baby Trots are being marginalised to the dribbling parties and their little protest groups.
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  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Wishful thinking I fear, Sebbers. I suspect the outcome will be McC tightening his grip, aided by the current batch of Lab MPs. Labour's stooge army of lumpenproleteriat morons will still vote for it whatever happens.
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  4. Except that Red Len has declared he is quite happy with Milliband's hastily thrown together measure.

    Union Members will be able to opt out of the 3 quid levy, which would then be kept by the Unions who could spend it as they wish. So if they want to fund Conservative or LibDem policies and campaigns they can. Obviously they won't - but the donation will be under tighter control of the Union leadership. Hence, Len is laughing himself silly at the stupidity of the puppet he helped create!
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  5. Sorry to disappoint you but this is just Miliband showing he's 'tough' to his party and 'not a leftie' to the nation, by picking a pointless fight that will in the end change nothing. See also Blair and Clause Four.
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  6. Why couldn't union members specify the party to receive their levy? It is after all a political levy not a Labour one.
  7. Because then it might go to a party other than Labour. See also Blair's money-laundering operation called the 'Union Modernisation Fund.'

    But to be fair, the Conservatives make no bones about selling policies, contracts and legislation to the highest donor; at least the Labour stuff is done openly rather than under the counter. Look up the Adrian Beecroft/Beecroft Report/half-million-quid donation for perhaps the most egregious example of this - the legislation's on the back burner at the moment but it will return.
  8. I think the union executive decide which party gets the levy, members can opt not to pay it. I don't pay it for one of the unions I'm a member of.
  9. Time the unions set them free, they've sponsored most Labour MP's, ungrateful creatures.
  10. It's about time the Labour Party returned to its roots and regained some credibility as a party that has strong beliefs and sticks to them. It's also about time that the Tories did the same. Both parties have been drifting closer and closer to the centre, so much so that Blair's Government was almost indistinguishable from a Tory one in policy terms.
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  11. Because those are the policies that win elections.
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  12. What about the notion of state funding for all political parties? That way any political bias and an expectation of favours from donors would be limited?

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  13. Great. The British Kiddy Fiddling Promotion Party is right behind you on that one.
  14. When I was in the MOD we could opt out paying the labour part of our union subs. I think it was about 20p per week.
    I'm sure we had people paying the full whack and still supporting the conservatives though !!
  15. Its very simple really.

    The Labour Party is positioning itself to take over the ground the Conservative Party has abandoned on it's relentless shift to the green left.