Labour and Lib Dems view of us

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Chris Hume stated fairly publicly that the Police were 'fairly unique' in that they were not able to strike, there are almost 3-4 coppers to Service personnel, why then should should not such a minority group receive advantageous funding; most especially as they much like MPs have to account for every Public money spent?
  2. The Lib Dem manefesto viz a viz defence has been linked to on this site. i suggest You do a search and read it.
  3. Your so quick sven.......provide it
  4. Nice one Sven answer the post why don't you!

  5. He's hoping it will go dead.
  6. Even though it has been provided before, here is the page You can download it from. LIberal Democrats

    As a taster, here is the first sentence or so.

  7. So far the only major Party who are not being investigated for financial defincies shall we say.

  9. Microsoft Word tells me, page 27 of the downloadable manefesto.
  10. Say no more?

  11. Will reading the LibDem manifesto help in answering Letterwringman's questions?

    Or will ARRSErs just have to wade through paragraph after paragraph of irrelevant and inconsequential political pledges - and then find they've just wasted their time.

    But you can then write to Lib Dem HQ and claim responsibility for doubling the numbers of 'views' of their manifesto!!!
  12. that would be the 2005 manefesto? .............. :?
  13. 'Vis a vis' or 'Viz:' your choice, not a combination of the two. And I'm not going to even bother with the's too amusing.
  14. Does a manifesto not suggest that the Party in question may win a General Election. :lol:

  15. You mean theres been an election since? These are the most up to date promises we have made with regards to defence. We are deciding policy this year, getting ready for the next General Election.