Labour and Gordon Brown Historic Defeat?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tastytoggle, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Hey Ardillo (and you guys who put trackers out for this sort of thing) my mate in the industry reckons the punters are beginning to put their money on Labour suffering a historic defeat and coming 3rd behind the Lib Dems.

    Aw. shame :boogie:

    Feel free to add comments people, I'm sure Ardy and co will enjoy them :twisted:
  2. A well deserved historic defeat.

    Consign them to the history books. :wave: :wave:
  3. Except there are still millions of voters out there who believe the Labour bollox about pensioners bus passes being revoked and winter fuel allowances being cancelled etc. Not only that but Labour has rather stacked the odds in their own favour with the beneficial bias in constituency layouts
    As much as I would like to see Labour relegated to third place I'm not convinced its going to happen
  4. The negative campaigning is only against the Conservatives. The “vote Labour to keep the Tories out” argument only works if Labour are the biggest opposition party, with Labour third in most poles, it makes better sense to vote Liberal to keep the Tories out. I also expect the Nationalist parties to do well, that won't help the Conservatives achieve a majority, but it will harm Labour's position.

    IMHO the most important thing to achieve in this election is the destruction of Labour.
  5. They might come third in terms of votes, but they can still be the largest party.

    14 years of fiddling has put a decent amount of bias in the system.
  6. I saw this Thread's title and thought I'd woken from a dream and it was 7th May already!

    Back to reality..... The slimey worms in Liarbour's spin machine and dirty tricks department have adjusted constituency boundaries in their favour slowly but steadily over the last 13 years. Used to be called Gerrymandering once upon a time.

    There is a real possbility that McBruin will still occupy No10 after the election with the lowest number of actual votes.
  7. Well if it does happen and Labour do lose then the internal fighting , recriminations and ultimate self destruction afterwards will certainly provide some good free and prolonged entertainment .
  8. Labour are going down, big time and the Limp Dicks will be close to them.
  9. I wonder if people would take to the streets under those circumstances?
    Despite not being the protesting on the street type I suspect I may feel inclined to do so.
  10. It could be very interesting. The bookies have long forecast a tory win, but this Lib Dem surge has only become appealing to the punters since the first leaders debate. I'm inclined to think the bookies are right. They don't often get stung, but if by any chance Labour do retain government, I don't think it will be for very long because despite their gerrymandering, I believe there will be sufficient civil discontent in England to force another election.

    Whoever gets in won't have a magic wand to put things right, but I really don't like Brown and co and I love winding up their zealous supporters - it's so easy :twisted:
  11. Clegg's performance and the upsurge in apparent support for the LimpDem's is bad news for the Tories.

    If it was a 2-horse race - Tories and Brown the Clown's mob , I think it would be a Tory victory, but the LD's are going to split the opposition vote and there's a real danger the one-eyed megalomaniac will stay in.

    God help the UK if he does - can you imagine what his delusions would be like if he thought the country actually supported him?
  12. Judging by the quality of the candidates, they certainly deserve to be obliterated:

    "Mr Cowan, 35, was selected by Labour to stand in South East Cambridgeshire despite having been expelled from the Liberal Democrats in 2004 for sending "sexual emails

    An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph has revealed messages left by Mr Cowan on online forums since 2005 in which he:

    * Admitted illegally paying his cleaner cash-in-hand;

    * Speculated on the death of Lady Thatcher;

    * Boasted of his sexual exploits in graphic detail;

    * Advertised for people to pose nude for his photographic portfolio; and

    * Said he would not want his children to marry a Muslim.

    The candidate defended his actions last night, saying that politicians should not be held to higher standards than the general public."

    (Mr Cowan has now been "suspended" by the Labour Party. Which suggests if you live in South East Cambridgeshire and want to vote Labour, that might prove a tad difficult.)
  13. Lets be honest about the Lib Dems, apart from Lord Ashdown, they are a bunch of freeks.
    If Paddy was still the leader of the Lib Dems, they might have a better chance.

    Cam is the man for me. Fire up the Quattro.....
  14. If Vince Cable was in charge, I think they'd have a better chance.