Labour after Blair. What next for the forces?

We all know if Labour win the election Blair has the shelf life of a rice cake in a famine, and good riddence too. But what about his replacement? We all know its proberbly going to be Comrade Brown, and his dislike for the forces is well known. What do you think he will do to the Army? Cuts? Troop reductions? Withdrawl from operations so he can give the money saved to chavs? Scary uncertain times await I think.
I intend to. I wish there was a better alternative, but there's not. Brown would decimate our defences to further his own aims.
Bliar never had any interest in the military other than a token interest for political expediency and as a backdrop for propaganda photocalls.

Brown is unlikely even to go that far.
We're assuming several things here, which are not necessarily going to be the case:

1: Both TCB & Grasping Gordon keep their seats.

2: TCB actually will give up the PMship - he's on the record as saying that he'd step down after 2 terms, but he's not doing that. I feel that he wants to go on as long as possible.

3: IF TCB steps down, the Labour Party will elect Grasping Gordon as his successor, and not somebody more openly old-Left (with a reduced majority, the Neue Arbet wing of the party will lose out to the Alte Arbeit wing).

If labour win, you can guarantee that the forces are FUBARed, with the money going to some gahstly welfare programme
The hot rumour is that TCH has intimated he does not wish to continue as Secretary of State for Defence. Apparently he never wanted the job but the other front-benchers gave him a wedgie and pinged rulers on his FA Cup-worthy ears. Eventually they threatened to lock him in the girl's loos with Margaret Beckett and reluctantly Geoffers took the portfolio.

He is expected to take another high profile cabinet role, such as milk monitor or Solicitor General. TB has reportedly stated that TCH is a prime candidate for the senior legal role as "he can be bullied into doing anything and is so soft that even Alan (i.e. Milburn) or Chris (i.e. Smith) could have him.."

Mr Hoon's family have welcomed the suggestion that he will continue in government as they would rather stag on at the palace than have to "spend more time" with him.

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