Labour admit half a million illiegal immigrants in UK


This is on top of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the system.

Just goes to show that all those who seek to deny the vast number of illegals, are deluding themselves.

Up to 570,000 illegal immigrants are living in the UK, according to the first Home Office estimate published.

Ministers have not previously published an estimate of the number of illegal immigrants. Prime Minister Tony Blair has said in the past it was impossible.

The Home Office says it believes the number stands somewhere between 310,000 and 570,000.

That does not include asylum seekers whose claims are being processed, or who are appealing against a refusal.

The figures are based on data gathered in April 2001.

Immigration Minister Tony McNulty said: "This is only an estimate and should not be seen as a definite figure.
So in fact, going by previous labour estimates, it could be anywhere in the region from 1/2M to 5 million :roll:

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Having had some limited experience of the IND I would say that those figures are a bit in low side, I love the way they are not including the one's who have been refused and then done a runner!
Not to mention all of the Ozzies and American's etc who "forget" to go home after a holiday.
CowboyBob said:
Not to mention all of the Ozzies and American's etc who "forget" to go home after a holiday.
now thats new to me, do you know any ?
Try drinking in Earls Court....
I wonder how many New Labour apparatciks employ an illegal immigrant in their own home, as a cleaner or even an au pair.

One point to be made is that the people to whom you are referring are not a "drain on our resources" because they are working cash in hand in some of the worst jobs in the country, keeping out of sight.

How about making a fuss about people who make inapproriate/fraudulent claims on the Welfare State.
There's a lot more of them!
Shoot is that all??? Try coming to California. Half of the state are illegal immigrants...
The problem is on many levels, it's not really the number that are the worrying but the fact that the government does not know where many of them live. It's to easy for them to vanish into thin air.
If you had just escaped crazy Rob of Zimbabwe 3 months in a Detention Centre (food, shelter, warmth, sports, educational lessons etc) as your asylum case was being delt with does not seem to bad to me . . . . or would you want to spend the time in a bed sit with b*gger all to do?

But the lefties do not like the idea of locking people up and lable the idea racist and against people human rights.

The detention centre can solve a lot of problems.
a) It allows a central area where people can be processed (no more having to track people down for interviews etc)
b) They provide a safe enviroment for asylum seeker to stay in (no more b&b's increasing there charges to get more money from the Government, the asylum seekers are not exploited into low paying jobs etc).
c) If the asylum seeker fails and also fails the appeal the government knows where they are and can deport them.
d) It will also act as a deterant to those wishing to exploit the system.

The problem with the sites are the lack of capacity and the untrained staff that the government employs because they are cheap.

On the other hand the over stayers are harder to detect untill they try and leave the country and get picked up by Customs.

It's going to take a long time to sort this mess out.


Detention centres are a good solution.
I grew up in Hong Kong, where we had a big problem with illegal immigrants from mainland China and Vietnam.
We dealt with the problem by patrolling the borders and cost lines, and with ID cards.
Illegal immigrants were either sent back across the border, or put back on their boats and forced to leave. Those that we judged to be possible asylum seekers were held in detention centres while their case was assessed. The government made a point of accessing each individual as quickly as possible (normally two or three months). Genuine asylum seekers were allowed to stay and given support, the rest were deported (sometimes kicking and screaming as they were put on a plane).
By taking a hard stance, we sent a strong but fair message that we would not accept illegal immigrants and as a result the number of illegal immigrants dropped.
This was set up by the UK government.
Why is it that we can set up tough systems in our colonies but not in our own country?
Because it will cause bad PR for Blair, after all his is the government that loves every one!
The main problem is dealing with illegals when they first come to light. If the police pick them up in Dover they call in Immigration, then the Illegal is pointed in the direction for Croydon and sent on his/her way .... never to be seen again.
ID card would help but the population is against them (far to much info being put onto them). If the Government indroduced Citizenship Cards (Passport style saying your are a Brit Cit.) and a Medical card (saying you are entitled to the NHS) - Data being stored on two different databases it would be more exceptableto the population.

How ever how do you find an Illegal when they are past the "boarder control".
for example, if the police stop a car for a broken light, the driver has a thick African/Russian/Asian accent, could/would the police officer ask "Hello hello hello, whats going on here then? you have a broken tail light and I need to make sure you belong in this country"
Driver replies "thank you for pointing out the tail light, I'm on my way to Halfords for a bulb. I'm a nurse from country X brought over to fill in the massive gap in the NHS caused by Blair"
Officer replies "Can you prove it?"
Errr, welcome to 1984! Is the PC being rasist? This will open a can of worms. Blairs ID card is just a polite way of asking the above with out risking the backlash.

The major problem with the system is that if an Illegal is rumbled they can claim asylum! The rules should be changed so if you do not register when you first set foot in the UK and then get caught you loose the right to claim asylum. Simple.

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