Labour about to split?

At last, you're getting there.
Unlike yourself, who appears to be happy in fart-in-a-trancedom.

Hopefully this will lead to some major shifts in both parties, including splinter groups, as it will finish off any remaining claims that FPTP is in any way "representative" democracy.

Now be a dear & toddle off back to liberal la-la land where you so obviously feel at home.
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This has to be Labour doing the most spectacular Hara Kiri of all time.

Sad, because I am in favour of a strong government and strong opposition. We have neither any more.
There's always Niggel...his party membership is storming along...
Gives May a problem as well. If they do jump ship - and Soubry look like she is preparing to do so - then they'll vote against May in the Brexit votes. difficult removing the party whip from MP's who are no longer members of the Tory party.

Which could mean yet further defeats for May - and potentially parliament voting to halt Brexit. That would be as politically explosive as you could get. And possibly the trigger for May calling yet another GE - with assorted defectors facing the wrath of the electorate. Which might rapidly end their careers as Independents.

If PMTM does call a GE I hope she does so Thursday next week, setting the GE for about the 4th April. Parliament must be dissolved 25 working days before the election and once dissolved no further parliamentary business can then take place, ensuring Brexit happens before the GE and there will not be any means to stop it.


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Ah, where's this chap when you need him?

Where are these from?
Social Media

A few originate with another angry voice

Thas an independent online news site that's better than main stream media as its totally unbiased

By unbiased its fans mean they agree with everything it says, when it attacks anyone disagreeing with St Jeremy of Corbyn and accuses Tories of Genocide
Apparently they aren't actually a party but may be a company with a domain name registered in Panama
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They apparently aren't covered by electoral rules so don't have to register donors......
The 7 have to careful about being a part of another political party. The rules for Labour membership say that you may be rejected for membership if you've had another party on your election card.

They may need to keep their powder dry because if they succeed and somehow Corbyn goes, they just can't waltz back in the party


Labour’s rules around provisional memberships
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They are deffo persona non grata. It is too easy for those who remain to portray them as quitters. The Gang of Four may have had a point for example but no one in Labour thanked them for making it.
Re. Ummuna, I agree that it is showboating; motivated by a failure to adapt from being destined for big things to, by virtue of his centrism, being a form of persona non grata even when he was still a Labour MP. Put another way, he wasn't prepared to get his head down and help Corbyn. The extent to which Corbyn might have done better had he had the public support of the majority of his MPs will be an interesting discussion for the future.
As Corbyn's acolytes have been undermining any MP who disagrees with him since his rise to power in the party, why would they support him when they are fundamentally opposed to the hard left direction the Labour Party has taken?

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