Lab or Con, Bliar or IDS - who'll you be voting for next?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Shame us, Jul 20, 2003.

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  1. IDS - He may be insignificant, but at least they're traditionally 'on our side.'

  2. Mr Bliar - Better the cost-cutting, lying, back-stabbing, egotistical weasel you know...

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  3. That Lib Dem bloke - he may be a GWAR appeaser, but at least he likes a drink...

  4. Green Party - Vegetable rights and peace, man! And who needs an Army these days anyway?

  5. BNP - at least they're proud of the Union Flag.

  6. Other - Only the Monster Raving Loony Party springs to mind...

  1. In view of recent events (the exaggeration of Iraqi threat as reason for GW2, lack of the promised WMD and subsequent bluffing, Hoon's announced further cuts to the military and additional commitments, the hounding by FASC of Dr Kelly to his death etc. etc.), who do you think you'll be voting for at the next election?
  2. After the fiasco that has been labelled Government over the past few years, I'll be voting Tory. They haven't had a decent leader since Maggie, but as you said, they're traditionally on our side. Stand by for the next round of cuts. It's gonna hurt HM Forces more than a big bag full of hurty things, I don't care how they paint it. Notice how the leaked cuts/intentions have sorta died out recently. Not the sort of news that the public should be hearing so soon after the Fire strike and GW2. But be assured, these f*cks have got something up their sleeves. They intend to go for a Euro Army at the earliest opportunity. Just watch out for the cuts in the other European nations forces. The Dutch are about to lose 2 fighter squadrons and the airbases at Twente and Sonderberg. They're whole AS Squadron at Valkenberg is going and they intend to reduce thier Forces from 70,000 to 60,000. Be interesting to see what the other Euro countries are doing in respect of this. I'll bet my shirt that Bliar has agreed to cut us, in order to make a more economically viable Euro Force, to appease Brussels. Get the Tories back in and stick with the Americans. Call me a bluff old traditionalist if you wish, but we're better off under a Tory Government. Anybody remember those 'red eye' posters of Blair, which the Tories used during thier campaign (the one they lost and brought Labour into Governent). They were before thier time those posters. They should be used now. :twisted: Oh look, there's Tony Bliar :evil: .........and there's Cherie!
  3. Ma,

    Those red eye posters, they're coming back with the strapline

    "dont say we didn't warn you"
  4. Ma,

    Those red eye posters, they're coming back with the strapline

    "dont say we didn't warn you"
  5. the tories gave us sa80 the poll tax and all sort of crap ideas in the nhs
    and also all new labours ideas :) .liberal democrat sort of newlabour lite.
    Bnp pity they so ugly/stupid. think i will vote people popular front of judea
    at least then i can sneer from the sidelines and get drunk plotting violent revolution
    green/monster raving loony diffrence is ?
  6. Sod the PFJ - splitters.

    Vote Judean Peoples Front. :wink:
  7. Not too many replies for Lab, then?