LA Sheriffs deputy shot dead outside his Cypress Park home!

In interesting article, be sure to read page #2

Sheriff's deputy shot dead outside his Cypress Park home

Neighbors describe Juan Abel Escalante, 27, as hardworking and dedicated, a husband and father of three who served in the military and rose above the violence of his gang-plagued neighborhood.

A 27-year-old Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy, praised by his bosses as a "local success story" after growing up in a neighborhood entrenched in gang warfare, was gunned down Saturday outside his boyhood home in Cypress Park as he left for work.

Law enforcement officials said the motive for the attack remained "wide open" and investigators were trying to track down a white, four-door vehicle that approached Deputy Juan Abel Escalante shortly before gunfire rang out about 5:40 a.m.


RIP Deputy!

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