La Palma Volcano lets rip

The view this morning
BB Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon videos. BB says lava fountains were 500m yesterday!

Ash is being buried in landfill at the moment although it's use in building materials is being considered.

Capture from Wednesday evening. Also, check out the time lapse at the end of the Wednesday evening video.
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A volcano in Indonesia cut loose. There are at least 13 dead, 98 injured, and close to a thousand evacuated. At least 35 people have been hospitalized, and there are 41 people with burns.

From the descriptions in the photo captions it sounds like gas and lava caused some damage, but a lot was caused by heavy rains which mixed with the ash and flowed in a thick mud causing a lot of destruction.

At least 13 killed in Indonesia volcano eruption

La Palma seems to be getting off fairly lightly in comparison, but it does suggest that the thick layers of ash could be a problem if the ash turns to mud in heavy rain and causes mud flows.

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