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Evening all,

As I have no working knowledge of supplements, I'm turning to ARRSE to hopefully get an informed opinion on the LA Muscle series of supplements, more specifically the Norateen Heavyweight II supplements?

Never really taken them before, but a couple of the lads swear by them, and I'd be interested to see what others think of them.

Any information, as always, much appreciated.



Load of shit mate. Full of sugars and crap. If you want to put on weight eat more. Just use a standard protein powder like this one I use.

Get the 3kg one or the 6kg. Admittedly I dont bodybuild but protein supplements my diet further. Look at the amount you get and the price per kg

You ll find all brands, spend money on marketing and advertising bumping the price up. Filling the protein supplements with shit quality protein (whey concentrate). This is whey isolate (better quality) protein so it digests quicker into your system.

However, for the army its not necessary to use supplements. The more bulk you put on will hinder you at first and your likely to lose it during training.

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