La Grande Nation sans le savon - Soap Dodgers

Should France be officially recognised as the soap shy centre of excellence?

  • France is a sh'it hole and it won't wash with me!

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  • I like the French and I would certainly share my bar of Lux with one!

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  • I'm from Yorkshire me, I never heard of France!

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  • Je suis français et je n'ai jamais rencontré le savon!

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  • I dunno mate, you'd better ask our lass!

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I think Europe could score Eco brownie points and appease the rabid tree-huggers simply by declaring France to be an official soap free zone. Lets give the stinking, cheese laundering and filthy Belgian eurocrats a steer with a quick poll.
cernunnos said:
Is it in France?
Might as well be. They speak a confusing/non understandable gibberish, eat very wierd things (stotties?) and go on strike at the drop of a beret/coal mine. :twisted:

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