LA Fitness do Navy Fitness tests, Army next?


LA Fitness has won a three year contract to test the fitness level of would-be recruits for the Royal Navy, with effect from 1 July. The agreement, which will see between 6,000 and 10,000 people tested per year, was signed after the health club successfully won the contract in a competitive tendering process, having previously been selected to run an initial 12 month contract.

The new fitness programme and assessment was introduced by the Royal Navy in June 2003 to help would-be recruits prepare for naval training and ensure they meet the requirements of the job. While potential recruits have always been encouraged to prepare for life at sea by achieving basic fitness targets before joining, the new scheme allows them to check they meet the requirements before giving up their civilian careers.

Under the agreement, the fitness test will be delivered by LA Fitness or sub-contracted gyms, which include 12 Spirit Health Clubs and 14 independent clubs throughout the country. Would-be recruits are required to undertake a 2.4km run, on a treadmill, in a time which takes into account their age and gender, before they can start Naval Training.
I'm a member at LA fitness and its alright, the only bit that does my head in is the constant feel good techno music thats on really loud all the time.

Theres a ex para and a ex scotts guard working at mine as PT's couldent ask for more help if your training for the forces for fitness, the army especially.
I agree, the one in Fareham is definitly worth a look. Nice gym, great instructors and good atmosphere. Well worth the money even though I have 3 service gyms within 3 miles of my house.
Are these L.A instructors going to teach "real Navy fitness"? Just curious as ringpiece elasticity is definately going to be the mainstay of any potential dinghy driver. Visions of lycra clad, blonde haired Sven type chaps roughly bug*ering some Navy hopeful really makes me ejaculat...........err, err feel sick.
I agree in general that LA Fitness are not a good choice lol As an ex PT for Fitness First, ive seen several LA Fitness gyms and heard alot about there staff from clients which is very poor to say the least. Ah well as long as its the navy and not the army cos you dont really need to be fit to join them do you?? (unless its the marines)

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