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Hi all,
I'm looking for any information anyone may have on this training area in SE France, as I've been jiffed to prepare a background briefing on the area prior to a trip there. At the moment, no one low down enough the food chain for me to ask can even tell me whereabouts it is exactly, so that would be a start! :D Topography, temperatures, terrain, facilities etc would be good too, if anyone can help no that.


How soon do you need it? I should be able to get hold of some info tomorrow night as our 2ic and PSI did a recce a couple of weeks back. I take it you're going there in June?

If you need it sooner PM me and I'll give you a number to ring.
I've been there, it's a great drive down there and the local shop has some great Porn.
Training isn't too bad.

Heard it was too expensive to train there -thought it had been binned.

Ask the French if they have found any of their vechiles i stole while i was there ?

subrosa said:
Lowland Volunteers (Now 6 Scots) went there a few years back. They may still have some info on file; see contacts web page:
1996, IIRC. Ex LIBERTY BELL, although that was the one tune that the Military Band didn't play on the ex - it's the theme for Monty Python's Flying Circus.

BHQ LOWLAND has been amalgamated since (Lowland Volunteers + 3 RHF = 52nd Lowland Regiment), which included forming on Glasgow as RHQ rather than Edinburgh, so I'm not sure how lucky you'll be in getting out the Ex instructions and PXRs. If they got binned in the move, you might try talking to the LAND Doctrine Retrieval Cell (or whatever it's called) as they get a copy of unit exercises and PXRs, IIRC.

Came across my training area maps while clearing out a room, but fear not, I kept them :)

Anyway, La Courtine in the summer - very very hot. Lots of woods in the training area, they had a medium-sized FIBUA village, some ranges. Accommodation fairly basic, but workable. Long journey, but thankfully the CO managed to persuade a visiting Minister that driving for three days to get there from Scotland was silly. HQ Scotland never did forgive us for that, I suspect, but we ended up in a chartered DC-10 out of Edinburgh Airport. The Jocks never did forgive the RSM telling them porkies about "duty-free at the airport / on the plane" on the way back.

Some "do's and don'ts" in the following thread :)

Here, subrosa - you weren't there, were you? (Thinks hard, vaguely remembers a really helpful interpreter called Eric with your capbadge)
As i recall it is near Clermont Ferrand and Tulle in the central highlands of France. Three day camel trek to get there.

As has already been mentioned, very hot in summer - i think we wree there in May/June and temps high 30s, added to a bit of altitude.

Good facilities big training area, fibua ville, ranges were a bit dodgy as i recall - parts having stop butts others having minimal. Training area is similar terrain to Otterburn but warm, and more trees.

Accomm was ok but because the camp is given very little money to support it the camp Q staff make the most of fines for units who use the camp. I recall our Q staff having to explain every slightest mark on every single piece of furniture and floor but accomm was comfortable anyway.
Feckin hell, I went there way back in 1979/80! Took us 2 days to drive down in an old 1/2 ton Lanny and trl from P/Born. Stopped of at a French army camp just over the border near Mullhouse! Then on down to La Courtin? Went through Clermont Ferond/ Michelin tyres made here!! (spotter). The camp and trg area itself was going through some reconstructioon at the time by a Regt of Foreign Legion Engineers so we had some piss ups. The ranges were superb and you could fire anything you wanted small arm types. W e also done some adventure trg around the many nice lakes in and around that area, town itself is nothing special as i remember few pubs but stayed open as long as you had money!!! The accomodation at the time was basic long rooms with bunk beds and 30 to a room, shitters were of the open door and no seat variety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many a laugh watching pissed up feckers trying to shit lol. Any way had great 3 weeks there, played football,drank, sang, shot and eat till i could do no more.
La Courtine is in the Massif Central & it tipped it down incessantly when I was there 5/6 years ago in May/June. Local town was OOB; miles to the next nearest place.
Cheers for the replies lads, thats given me something to work with. As suspected by some, I'm off there in the second week of June, so I guess I'll see you all there. :)

Hopefully Google Earth and some meterological data sights will now decide they want to be my friend!

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