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Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Raven2008, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. L.A. County Coroner

    Probably one of the most gruesome and unpleasant vocations in life - but they do have some cool vehicles especially the special ops ones and off road. I know its not the same in every city or state in the USA.

    Btw think their special ops vehicles photos were taken at annual American Heroes held near LA by a dam. All the emrgency services turn up incuding various air support assets from the likes of LAPD, LASD, Pasadena , LA IMPACT and LA Fire Dept (both city and county)

  2. Did somebody mention Corona vehicles?! Happy childhood memories! :)
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  3. Are any of them called Quincy?
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  4. All of them are.
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  5. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    And all we have are private ambulances to avoid road tax, disguised as black transit vans.

    Other vans are available but none as flash as in the OPs link.
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  6. Necro Walt
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  7. Sorry Grumps but your statement is a bit of a ded end, a great undertaking, and a grave misdemeanor.....
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  8. magic quesiton is it the Home Office or Department of Health that issues the mandatory rule that anything carrying the stiffs have to be calle Private Ambulances?

    If anyone remembers the case of the psycho mudrering hookers / lasses up outside Bradford severla years ago - when they pulled the remains from canal (mate of mine lvies just around the corner ) and on the telly - did see one black van rolling off with HM CORONER and crown on the door

    Did see a Blacked out Ford Mondeo drive up M1 with Brighton & Hove HM Coroner on the back...

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  9. Why a K-9 unit? Are the they expected to clean the flesh of the bones? Or do they move in once the SOCOs have finished. "No problem Mrs Smith, Wolfie here will soon have your husband's remains out of that fine Astrachan carpet."
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  10. I like the Yanks Ambulances, this one appeals to me, must be for the Italian Americans !
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  11. Amazing....
  12. Yep for decades till the inspiration of a few good entreprenurial (young) men in the parishes, (see below link)

    Acadian Ambulance Service - Acadian Companies

    The country folks early paramedics were in the form of the local undertakers. Until new laws were intoduced in 1971....

    Classic example - if anyone watched the BBC documentary in the late 80s early 90s about JFK assasination, one of the guys nterviewed was a funeral ambulance driver (now director) and theres b/w image of him and team their white Cadillac.

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  13. some of the Big motor manufacturers used to make amazing hearses and ambulances
    I know a guy who has the brochures for them
  14. You would hope they get the choice right when they turn up. "I'm not fecking dead." Mind you if the occupant pegs it en-route they can do a quick change and head off for the morgue.
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  15. Not as, er, frikking awesome as the CHiP stuff.
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