La Corona 1943 8x57mm caliber rifle

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by PapaGolf, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Any one know how much this is worth? For insurance and possible future sale purposes. Also i need a new sight for it. Its been deact'd by filling the barrel with lead and drilling loads of holes under neath where the sight should be. I bought it from a German junk shop when i was about 14, and the bayonet took me 8 years to find (pre-internet) I know the bolt and firing pin are serviceable as it came with a blank firing cartridge adaptor. All the serial numbers correspond with each other. It has stamped on it fabricas da armas la coruna 1952 and the bayonet has FN Toledo and serial number on it. Any help would be great. Many thanks

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  2. The bad news is it's probably not worth much and the worse news is that it's almost certainly classed as a Section 1 firearm in the UK under the current regime's interpretation of the 1968 firearms act. If you haven't got a firearm certificate for it you could be looking at five years nick in theory.

    Best bet would be drop it into a Registered Firearms Dealer. Have it rebarrelled and get a firearm certificate. You only need to join a shooting club. As long as you're not mad or bad you'll get one. Then you can shoot it and it'll be worth more than it is now almost certainly.... but still probably not much.

    Everyone in this forum will help with that.
  3. Just checked some Muaser prices for K98s. A Belgian one is offered at £285 in "excellent" (shooting condition, another (presumably German) in average condition at £135. A half deactivated Spanish one? It's not going to be worth much I don't think.

    Re-barrelling - could be done on the cheap and would cost about what the rifle was worth once the job was done I would suggest.
  4. Cheers for the above. I don't need to change me insurance if its worth next to knack all. I'm taking down the Gun Shop on sat'day, to see if i need a FAC for it. Again, many thanks
  5. Thing is that although it's been "deactivated" it hasn't been done to any standard that's recognised in the UK. If it can chamber and fire a blank I'd be pretty certain you'd need an FAC for it.

    Anyway, a good excuse to join the rest of us! :D
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Be careful about which gunshop, even reputable ones can have bad days!
    The old german system was pretty slack!
  7. Duly noted, cheers. I've been wanting to get on the circuit for years, but time and money (wife and kids), kind of puts the thought on the back burner. Looks like i'll have to now. Happy days
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Have a thunk about the type of shooting you want to do and we can point you in the right direction, whats your locstat?
  9. As it's not really worth any money (as far as I know) it would be worth considering having it rebarrelled in 308/7.62 NATO as the ammunition is much cheaper and more readily available than 8x57.

    Lothar-Walther do a ready profiled finished barrel for a K98 which would probably be the cheapest way to go at it. That would be in 8x57 (7.92 Mauser) I should think.
    People often question Lothar-Walther quality but we're not looking at a match rifle here.
  10. I'm in Blandford, and want to take up full bore target shooting. I'll have a look at re-barrelling, Cheers
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'd get it looked at by a competent smith before parting with any money for rebarrelling, the receiver could be knackered especially if any welding took place near the breech. 4T should be able to look at it or get a name for you. I think the Corunna made Spanish Mausers might have been 7.92 (8mm) by that point so should be strong!
  12. I had the two lug FR7 - 7.62 / .308 Win post war carbine version, a three lug version was produced as the FR8, I used to use it when searching for injured piggies in dense woodland with my dog. A near goring incident and a badly ripped dog encouraged me to buy a pistol, (Glock 23). Which allows you to turn quicker in a thicket. I finally flogged mine on E-Gun to a Spanish collector two years ago for 279 euros.

    For following injured pig in more open woodland my drilling is short enough and gives you a good barrage when required. Old mauser types are ten a penny here, I was surprised to get that much. I only paid 120 euros for it eight years ago. It was a good little gun, the simple dioptre peep sight made some respectable shooting possible although I modified the foresight bead. The flash illiminator is the same as the German G3 rifle, developed for the Bundeswehr with CETME when arms production was still banned in Germany. The tube under the barrel looks like a piston but its just the cleaning kit.

    FR7 & FR8