Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by coops87uk, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi All

    Dose anyone know the NSN number for the L98A2 maintenance kit as a whole or individually including the following:

    cleaning kik sleeve
    two piece cleaning rod
    GP soft brush
    chamber/barrel extension brush
    cleaning rod handle
    combination tool
    muzzle cover
    bore brush
    GP wire brush
    gas block brush
    oil bottle
    flannelette swab
    barrel extension cleaner

  2. if you're entitled to them, your QM should most definately have the NSN!

    By the way, flannelette isn't a part of the cleaning kit.

    I'm not sure if the complete item gets an NSN anyway, I think it may be 1 NSN per item.

    Try the 'Useful NSNs' thread.
  3. As it happens, it's 1 NSN per piece. I can give you some.

    Pouch: 1005-99-216-9375
    Oil Bottle: 1005-99-192-5206
    Oil Bottle Screw Cap: 1005-99-445-3228
    Oil Bottle Spray Cap: 1005-99-337-1354
    Wire Pull Through Brush: 1005-99-693-0479
    Combi Tool: 1005-99-499-9236
    Swab: 1005-99-215-4193

    oh... and if you need it..

    40mm Underslung Grenade Launcher: 1010-00-179-6447
    1005-99-877-7765 Holdall
    1005-99-967-1247 Rod Threaded
    1005-99-739-0240 Rod Eyed
    1005-99-499-9236 Combination Tool
    1005-99-477-6230 Pull Through
    8125-99-967-1705 Oil Bottle
    1005-99-911-1370 Wire Brush
    1005-99-422-8721 Wire Brush
    1005-99-234-3635 Brush
    1005-99-215-4193 Swab
    1005-99-814-3265 Brush Dusting
    1005-99-768-2540 Rifle Sling

    Other Items of Interest

    8520-99-721-4086 Pre Barrier Cream
    8030-99-051-9497 PX-36 (Weapon Cleaning Spray Bottle - Eats Carbon)
    9150-99-414-6509 LWP (weapon Oil)
    1005-99-126-9871 Magazine Assembly
    1005-12-359-4185 Magazine Assy (Blank)
  5. This should be locked all of this information is already on the Usefull NSN's Sticky! Not coops87uk's fault as first post, but everyone else should stop adding to it before it takes off.
  6. Hes Asking a specific question, have you looked at the useful list ? its not a list but a re-gurgertation on the same stuff, no one can find anything in that mess
  7. Yes I can see that, but starting an entire new thread to ask about an NSN will cause duplication. People will become confused where to post. In addition how much more can actually be said now that the question has been answered ?
    I agree the sticky NSN page is a mess maybe someone needs to collate it.... ;)
  8. No I disagree. Reading the entire sticky takes so much longer than reading Desktop Commando's post!

    Putting it all in one place is much better... though threads of this type should be discouraged....
  9. What do you disagree with then ? You just agreed with everything i said ?
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments i did look on the useful nsn page but could not find what i was looking for so thought was best to put it here.
  11. No, you said he shouldn't have started the thread, and I said he should have.

    Where I'm from, we call that 'disagreeing'.

    All I did was say that if everybody started doing that, it would become a bit of a PITA. Somebody needs to take the time to upload them all to ARRSEpedia. Volunteers?
  12. Would that not be the same as having it all on say, a CD?