L98-A1 Cadet GP Dimensions

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Galileo82, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Morning All

    A colleague of mine, a CAD technician, is in his final year at college and is doing his final project on the L98-A1 (Cadet GP). He is in the ACF and was taking the dimensions from rifles in his armoury (I presume). Anyway, all his rifles have been sent off for inspection (or something) post annual camp and he can no longer take any dimensions.

    I know chances are slim, but is there anywhere else he can get his hands on schematics/dimensions?

    I was sure I had seen dimensions in the CCF training manual, but it’s a while since I have used one.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Buy a cheap airsoft one (L85) and copy that. It'll be close enough. Was he hoping to reverse engineer it? H&K won't be pleased!
  3. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L98A1. tell you all
  4. I never thought of searching the web...I think he requires a bit more detail!
  5. Try posting in the REME forum.

    What with all them armourers and all.................
  6. After much thrashing around inside the filing cabinet...

    The only dimensions I have here are the overall length (755mm), barrel length (495mm), weight (4.1kg with charged mag and iron sights), rifling info (4.0 barrel grooves; pitch 1 turn in 175mm, twist right hand), muzzle velocity (900m/s), a few other bits and bobs and the calibre (don't need me to tell you that)

    If he wants other dimensions couldn't he use measurements from an L85? Same chassis (for want of a better word), even if the working parts are different, and those are certainly going to be on the interweb somewhere.
  7. an for his next trick chavalryman will thrash himself within an inch of his pee pee's life.......
  8. So pimp, we meet again.........

    You seriously have to stop watching me during my "special quiet time" !

  9. Thanks very much Bravo, I will pass the details on.

  10. I thought it was 940 m/s?
  11. and im sure its heavier than 4.1 kg.
  12. Am I right in saying that Heckler and Koch manufacture the Rifle?
  13. No, they were all built as part of the original SA80A1 contracts by Royal Ordnance at Enfield, and later Nottingham. H&K have nothing to do with the L98A1 but are (apparently) doing the conversion work for the L98A2.

    5.56mm - 940m/s is the MV for the L85 with the fractionally longer (518mm? not certain) barrel.
  14. That's just what it says in the cadet training manual. I haven't handled one for a long time, so I don't know how close that is.
  15. Oh right, cheers.