L96 Emergency Sights

The iron sights for the L96 (for when your scope has is non operable); has anybody used them?

Good, bad, indifferent, aperture too big or too small?
Target aquisition on fig 14, 12, 11 etc?

Your thoughts please.
Iron sights went a while back IIRC with the introduction of the L17(?) scope; the iron rear sight no longer fitted when the L17 was used.

Hardly ever saw anyone using the iron sights, shot a couple of times with it for a giggle as an armourer but normally used the scope. Will need the view of snipers/marksmen for shooters views.
Fired with it on by basic sniper course rear sight wasn't the problem. The fact that the foresight was just a GPMG one with a massive blade ment that over 300m it covered most of the target. Once the new X25 sight came in iron sights where removed as the rear sight got it the way of fitting the scope.
utter cack, more like an EBS than anything else, most foresight and rear sights removed because they were pointless


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Homos. I could juuuuuuuuuust make out enough of a Fig.11 at 600m to knock one into it. Good enough if your scope's in the shit.
Only ever used it on my basic sniper in '93, could hit fig 12 at 600. Only problem I ever found was that if they were well used the clicks were hard to hear and feel, let alone see.

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