L86 Bolt Carrier

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cadet_Chandler, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how to strip the bolt carrier or the L86 to its component parts?
  2. Your asking a lot questions about weapons. Are you trying to build your own L85/L86 from parts you bought of e-bay?
  3. If your trying to strip an LSW, you should be taught how to by your instructors (being a cadet).

    However to get you started, firstly cock the weapon, then pull out the pin nearest the trigger as far as it will go, and pull the pin at the butt end of the weapon just a bit (so as to keep spring rod assembly in).

    Then, put your hand over the butt, and pull the pin there as far as it will go. Lift the top part of the rifle (the part with the cheek rest and sight on) away, remembering to keep your hand there to stop the spring from flying out and blinding the person next to you, and take the spring rod assembly out.

    Gently slide the bolt down inside the rifle towards the rear of it, and take out the cocking handle from the side.

    The gas parts and bolt will then have to be dissassembled, but this is difficult to explain on a forum in writing, so i'll let someone elso have a stab.

  4. You need to get a better hobby!but if you already rifle converted, the LSW is basically the same so not much different things to learn, just the applications of fire really.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    So how long have you been shooting the LSW without having trained on it ?
  6. If it's not in the cadet pamphlet then you don't need to know, If your teaching without a pamphlet then you shouldn't be. :)
  7. James51234,

    Please if your going to teach how to strip any system down to its componant parts please teach it correctly. Or if your not sure contact some one who can inform correctly i.e an AASAA Instructor or some one who has done at least SCBC.

    The correct drills are :

    1. Check that the safety catch is at ‘S’ and the change lever is at ‘R’.

    2. C ock the weapon, engage the holding open catch and inspect the body
    and chamber and face of the bolt to ensure they are clear. Allow the workingparts to go forward by operating the bolt release. Do not operate the trigger, do not close the dust cover. The safety catch must remain on safe and the hammer must remain cocked throughout the time the weapon is stripped.

    All Above are part of NSP's (Very important part to remember)

    3. Ensure the weapon is horizontal but upside down. Fully withdraw
    the TMH rear and then the forward locking pins. Note the grooves on the rear pin and push it back into the body approximately 5 mm so that the groove nearest the body is flush with the outside of its housing (a distinct click should be heard); this ensures that the end of the pin retains the recoil rod assembly whilst the TMH is being removed.

    4. Separate the TMH from the body by pulling the butt upwards.
    Disengage the TMH from its front catch.

    5. Place a hand over the rear of the recoil rod assembly, fully withdraw
    the TMH locking pin and remove the recoil rod assembly under control.

    6. Pull the cocking handle to the rear and withdraw it from the carrier.

    7. Place a hand over the rear of the body; raise the muzzle and remove
    the bolt carrier assembly.

    8. Cup the bolt carrier assembly in the hand and withdraw the firing pin
    retaining pin, using the combination tool if necessary.

    9. Remove the firing pin drawing it from the rear of the bolt.

    10. Pull the bolt fully forward in the carrier and remove the cam stud.

    11. Separate the bolt from the carrier.

    I hope this is more informative and actually answeres the question asked in the post. You could though pick a better forum to post your questions in, i.e 'Training wing' or 'AGC, APTC and SASC' here you may get the correct information.
  8. Mate, please don't try and suggest that I am unsure how to strip down an L85/86, do you think I am fcuking stupid or something :roll: ??!!

    I took it that being a cadet, he would know that when ever he picks up a rifle, he would firstly always carry out an NSP on it. Also, I gave him very basic instructions on how to strip the weapon, seeming the rifle cadets use (L96?), is very similar to the L85/86 apart from the gas parts and cocking handle.

    I'm sorry if it wasn't as accurate/detailed as your "wikipedia" version of it, but it works for me, and thats all that matters.
  9. Not saying that your stupid mate, just making sure that the information that is passed on in correct and factual (for all). From his other posts it looks like he doesnt have a clue and would probably kill himself if not told the correct drills.

    As for my 'wikipedia' version erm ...... the fact that i did 6 weeks on my AASAA Instructors course means that i realy dont need Wikipedia to teach the less knowledgable how to strip any part of any of the weapon systems I am competent with.

    NSP's are ment to be carried out when you take control of the weapon. The modified version of NSP's which is at the start of the stripping of either the L85 or L86 and Cadet GP Rifle is to be carried out ontop of the normal NSP's.

    You would fail your WHT's if you did not carry out this SAFETY part of it.

    I dont mean to be condescending or apear to be but i just dont like half attempts on things that could end up killing someone.

    As for my drills as stated in my previous post, well they work for me, and for everyone who has to come past me to pass MATT 1.
  10. No hard feelings mate, just thought that being a cadet he would actually know something about weapons handling. Oh well...
  11. Dont worry. No instructor in his right mind would give Emo/Chandler live rounds anyway.

    Errmm...I hope!
  12. they let me have a live rounds so anythings possible :twisted:
  13. Guys is this the same Cadet that said "he was doing all the instructing" as Cadet instructor was c***.or am I being Cynical. ps i thought under 17's didnt get access to automatic weapons (well thats what a cadet instructor told me) unless they were actualy playing with the big boys.
  14. instucting l98a1 not l86
    and that instructor is wrong unless they do things differently in that company
  15. Your original question of Bolt stripping - Cadets do not strip the bolt for normal daily cleaning. Period

    If you do it, you do it under supervision. And the L86 is practically the same as the L98.

    If you competition shooting witht he LSW then you would know this. Thus i conclude.....