L85A2 with T8 Suppressor


Want one, not got a reason, just want one.

Who would have a UOR for it apart from 'Them' & 'Those'?
I like the detailing like the handguard in matching dpm, very in this year I believe.


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The requirement for suppressed small arms for non-specialist users is growing. Several countries have recognised the advantages in reducing battlefield noise - including easing C2, reducing signature and reducing deafness amongst troops. Modern suppressors apparently don't reduce ballistic performance to an appreciable degree and are considered suitable for battlefield use.


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Gonna be a tad muzzle heavy and the balance will be all over the strasser, so not much diference to having a bayonet on then.
RMA1 said:
Gonna be a tad muzzle heavy and the balance will be all over the strasser, so not much diference to having a bayonet on then.
Well L85 is very butt heavy to start with compared to a proper rifle so I think it would help even things up. That said,I doubt it weighs more than a bayonet, they're only pressed steel.


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ah but u didnt take into consideration the main constraint, how much does it cost and who will make it the cheapest.


A suppressor of that size will make a difference but nobody would pretend it's going to produce a 'Day of the Jackal' style noise signature. What it will do is make it more difficult for people on the other end to locate where the shot(s) came from by sound alone, so probably not a bad thing, though I should imagine they would have quite a heat signature if used on automatic.
Still, he should have the safety on!!!!!
dont forget that health and safety legislation means that engineering solutions have to be explored before PPE, which should only be used if there are no other practicable solution.

this has certainly had an effect in civvy shooting, where the police have been forced to authorise ownership of moderators for people who use rifles at work, whereas a few years ago it was almost impossible to get one - I know a few deerstalkers who now use moderators all the time for this reason.

I'm sure that there will have to be a knock on effect for military use, with moderators becoming the norm for range use at least.
It's a T8AR version, which is designed to fit on the barrel threads once the NATO standard flash suppressor has been removed. From the photo, it looks like someone with access to an L85A2 has cooperated with a BR-Tuote salesman in order to get the photo.

Incidentally, this means that someone had to have heated the flash suppressor up with a blowtorch in order to break the loctite thread sealant on the barrel. Unless they were a REME armourer, this would probably get them into a bit of trouble!

Suppressors are all very well on an automatic weapon, but the increased back pressure in the bore does increase cyclic rate and therfore wear and tear on the operating parts is increased. Plus, a lot of crud that usually goes out the muzzle stays in the bore instead. Suppressed weapons are noticeably dirtier after firing.

When you consider that they also add a bit of weight to the soldier's load and are themselves a pain to clean, my personal belief is that the disadvantages probably outweigh any benefits for general service use.
though would be ally as fcuk :D
I reckon you might get bounced by the GC if you turned up for a week of stag with that on the end of your rifle.


Just an opertunity photo... The can would never be used on the SA80 because you would need to remove the FE. Once a contact has gone noisy, the can offers flash suppresion only, and this is at a cost. The enemy are not subjected to the sock and awe that the crack of rifle fire gives, as well as the rifle suffering higher pressures.

At this moment in time we have a number of cans that fit directly onto a FE, either a bespoke one or the original. As you can imagine, this is a better option than fitting one onto the rifle thread. Now the user can selectivly fit the can as dictated by the ops. He now has a toolbox weapon, like the C8.

Having watched the SA80 fire with a suppressor on, I can say it does deliver a very quiet flash free option :)

(Ideal for those who have had an ND ) ;-)


I wonder when the Short Range Desert Group will buy them?
After all possession isnt illegal, only fitting them without a variation for a civvy. I wont use them on a centrefire despite having one on a semi auto .22. The noise for a semi is pointless as you feel more noise at your face than would be the case. The sound is more dissipated than suppressed. Senichs trials showed this. That in itself is useful and why I use one on a .22 for urban pest control. Still I find that killing with the first round also helps!
They also seriously change your point of impact, anything that changes barrel harmonics does this.
thread on this last year - http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/p=524732.html#524732

and to say again on suppressors -

muzzle blast signature is the enemy within the ranks.
temporary hearing loss with your ears buzzing, hard to hear commands and radio, and leads to long term hearing loss and tinitus.

when you pull the trigger the firing signature noise is made by two things, one, the hot highly pressurised propellent gasses impacting and quenching on the atmosphere, second, the projectile breaking the sound barrier.
a suppressor on the end on the barrel 'catches' the muzzle blast pressure wave as it emerges, reducing it to sub-sonic velocities with a corresponding greatly reduced sound level.
you still get the 'crack' of the projectile as it breaks the sound barrier,
a well made suppressor/moderator can reduce the signature of a 5.56 to that not much more than a .22RF magnum. this means you can quite happily fire the weapon with no tempory hearing loss, or risk of permanant long term ear damage.
a supressor on your rifle also reduces recoil and the extra weight at the end of the muzzle keeps you aligned on target with less 'wobble' for quicker more accurate repeditive fire.
also the NME cannot hear your muzzle blast or see the muzzle flash, to tell what direction hes being fired at from.
should be compulsory issue for all front line troops.

the only thing i dont like about Reflex moderators is that they cant be dissasembled for cleaning or removal of objects that get inside.

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