Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BevisRory, May 15, 2009.

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  1. The Handguard on the L85A2,

    Is it called a RIS? Or has the Army got it's own name for it?
  2. Mil Std 1913 Picatinny rail
  3. or, after this week using it....the ally thing which gets caught on the inside of Toyota 4x4's when getting out doing anti-ambush drills and then gets effing hot when returning fire!
    I think we may return to the old one. :?
  4. Are you using the bipod/grip? ask your armourer to demand the pic covers used on c8's, they are c class and will protect your hands from getting too hot. :D
  5. Yes we are, but its the bipod that gets in the way. Admittedly the setup is good for Inf lads etc but for in 4x4's etc its getting caught on stuff. And the law of physics dont stop heat transferring from barrel to metal rail but ill look into the covers. Cheers.
  6. Further to my last, you might want to get the armourer to get you the gangster grips used on the L22A2 and ditch the bipod/grip or ask your QM for L22A2's for 4x4 drivers.
  7. Where the lads are going had the L22's but they seemed to of moved on so its back to L85's.
  8. These are the kind of covers that should do the job, they are made of plasic so should insulate your paws. Just take off the bipod and cover the grip with these.

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  9. BB, they are in the system for the c8 and if needed then they should be demanded.
  10. I agree, no point paying for something that can be issued. I just thought it'd be nice to have a picture.
  11. Very soon there will be a shed load of rail covers in the system. This issue has been looked at, and is being actioned. The C8 ones are fine (if you can get them, but keep in mind, there was only enough for the C8s and a few spare bought, not 100,000 needed for the SA80 fleet!).
    So don't buy your own!!!
    But back to the original question, it is called the "quad rail" or Picatinny Hand Guard. The C8 is the RAS (Rail Adaptor System) and that terminology is used in the AESP, but the SA80 has no offical name in the AESP, so Quad Rail has kind of stuck with the weapon authorities.
  12. Thanks!
  13. no probs, however, i'm sure there is an oxygen thief troll lurking around to say i'm wrong, and this is a pile of cr@p and plastic rail covers should be bought from H&K and Regiments should buy thier own !!! ;-)
  14. Assure me this stupid handguard thing does not come as standard now and that 'Marksman' types will still be able to grip the weapon in the good old fashioned way with the green handguard.
  15. The handguard is just that, a handguard. A marksman can still grip it how he sees fit. The down grip is a picatinny attachment that the user can take on or off as he sees fit. If you want it green, then errrr, paint it LOL
    seriously, this a UOR and not standard from issue at Donnington.