L85A1/2 .22 rimfire adaptor.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. What is it about the A2 that stops the 22 rimfire conversion kit for the A1 from fitting?
  2. Anyone?
  3. It may be that Heckler and Koch have changed the tolerances of the internal parts. You can't use A1 precision parts in an A2 with different internal dimensions.
    Thats just what i've been told as I wanted to get one as a conversion training rifle for when the cadets start of on the A2
  4. Why the rush? at the moment they still have the L92 A1 and it will be a while until the cadets actually get the A2, and then again if you manage to get a HK conversions kit for the cadets to keep you will be sadly disappointed, they are sort after items for A1 training. you could always ask the local CCF contingent if you could use theirs.
  5. I'm particularly interested in the technical details rather than what work arounds can be found for cadets but thanks all the same.
  6. No sorry, I wasn't being clear, when we do the Junior Leaders course we use L-85A2's. Some people severly fcuk up because they never train with a 5.56mm weapon. Besides, the L-98 is crap. I've personally broken 2
  7. Cadets getting A2's??.................A1's maybe but A2's will be a good while
  8. Nope, definately A2's. To the best of my knowledge, we borrow them from the RAF Regiment. It is essentially a smaller refined version of infantry/gunner training.
  9. To give a best "educated guess" to the original question:

    The barrel extension (and by extension the bolt) was changed. One less locking lug perhaps?

    The rimfire insert has to engage in (or at least go into) the barrel extension, and since this is now different, the original kits will not fit.

    I have seen the insides of the A2, but I have not seen the A1 and the A2 side by side to compare. I also have not seen the conversion kit since 2002, hence the above is an educated guess.
  10. The Raf must have plenty to spare then?? you gettin them with SUSAT's then if your borrowing em directly off the RAF Reg, them being infantry and all?
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    All small arms,be them RAF Regiment,Police whatever are stored,maintained & issued by normal RAF Armourer's,not the RAF Regiment.
    Sorry,Vaughany,I'm taking your post with a pinch of salt.
    Spike (Ex-RAF Armourer)
  12. Thanks Stoatman.

    Now everyone is back to work (!) we might get some more detailed info. Change to the barrel extension would be a potential problem for sure.
  13. Ive seen SCC L98's and RN L85A2's next to each other and taken them apart. The inside of the A2's are very guici in comparison But the bolt looks the same as for the L98.

    And wow are the new HK mags better than the peices of shite the old style ones are.
  14. When you say they are "gucci" in comparison, do you mean just visually better finish or are the guide rods etc revised - different, plated etc?
  15. Get the calipers out then and see if they actually are the same or just "look" the same. enquiring anoraks want to know!