Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by eve1962, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. Is it just me, or is it getting on anyone else's t*ts?!!!! Be glad when it's over and done with. Will only be watching the UB40 part (cos I likes 'em!!) but disappointed they've actually agreed to perform. Cos this concert ain't going to make one little bit of difference to Africa I don't think. Bet all those corrupt leaders are rubbing their hands with glee, thinking "yippee, more aid coming our way, I can buy another mercedes/mansion/jet".
  2. Am I the only evil barsteward who rubbed his hands together when he saw that the weather forecast for L8 is heavy rain?

  3. Hopefully they'll all collect the rain, and post it to Africa.
  4. Oh, and please let them post Bob and Bono to Africa too. PLEASEEEE.
  5. Well said mate, shame nobody in Office has the kahounas to say that!
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Damn !
    I thought this was a thread on the gimpy in a Chieftan...
  7. I hate Bob Geldof, and I hate the superficiality of the Geldof method and I despise those 'celebrities' who link themselves so publicly and so readily with 'noble causes'.

    It’s such an easy way to court popularity - shed a few crocodile tears for children and sob for the starving, then donate a few minutes of time which, as a side effect, does wonders for the career, and move on.

    And the trouble is this simplistic solution never does any good - Africa’s in a much worse state now than it was during Live Aid 1, which did nothing except line the pockets of corrupt officials, both here, in Africa and most of all - the UN.

    It lets people go along with it ("I’ve been to a concert… no need to do anything more") and pretends to solve complex problems with negligible action.

    Turn up in Edinburgh, feel great, wave a flag, shout and sing and then go home. Job done. There's a really annoying advert on right now with a young girl telling us all to get onboard - this issue is our issue - feck off.

    Lots of media publicity. Great shots and headlines for the tabloids. Stars care so much (comb the hair; get the teeth fixed). That other irritating 'finger-fcuking-clicking' advert on right now is a classic example of the genre.

    Then move on - nothing changes, nothing improves but the rabble has had their summer fix of charity and they can return to their comfy, pitifully pointless existences for another year, bickering with their neighbours about crap.

    I have real issues with this wretched waste of time - giving money to Africa is like trying to nail custard to a wall.

    Africa is dying from corruption, famine and AIDS - they should be grateful they don't have BB as well.
  8. Thing is, I honestly think Geldof cares. He's just turned into a sanctimonious, ego-fuelled, messianic ********. He's lived his life in a showbiz bubble, and that informs his way of doing things (Yes, Bob, now Bob, of course Bob).

    He's like a spoilt teenager who refuses to acknowledge the complexities of a problem like Africa and constantly has to reduce it down to simple moral certainties like the "finger clicking" adverts. Knob.

  9. Is it me or is this topic on existing threads already :D
  10. You can never have too many threads that conclude that Geldoff is an arrsehole...
  11. I'm spending al day doing Anything other than listening to Geldof and co.....Hopefully I might be able to get around Ikea while all the tree hugging, beard wearing, flip flop, 3/4 length trouser brigade are holding L8 parties......
  12. BlondeBint or Big Brother...? :)
  13. I love this piece - not only is Sir Bob 'The Living IRA Supporting Saint' Geldof (see various other threads), he has gone out of his way to make the disabled feel even more disadvantaged. Cnut.

    Perhaps they weren't black, diseased, skinny and starving enough for him to care about...

    The story is here.

    How about looking after people in this country first, eh Bob? :evil:
  14. I was roped into travelling into town to the Hard Rock Cafe today. We waited half an hour for the tour of their memorabilia, only to find that most of the good stuff (one of Hendrix' guitars, for instance) had bene commandeered by fvcking Live8!! :x
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bugger me said the actress oe perhaps even the bishop, I thought this thread might have had something to do with the L8 rifle!