L8 - the aftermath - my assassination list

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by eve1962, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. I would willingly pay to have the following removed from the planet:

    Sir Paul F**king McCartney
    Humourless Tw*t Sting, along with his stuck-up b*tch of a wife
    Davina "For Gods Sake Shut Up" McCall
    The 3 obvious - Sir Bobby, Bonio and Chris Martin

    and all the other up their own arrses celebs who turned up to "do their bit" and get their ugly mugs on TV.

    Really peeved me off how the front of the stage was put aside for the celebs own little private party, with bar, food, etc, and the "commoners" caged at the back behind a fence. Not allowed to drink.
  2. why for the love of god did'nt the terrorists make good of that oppurtunity
  3. You really are a cnut aren't you Chargetemp? yeh, terrorisms great isnt it, just imagine what a laugh it would have been if they'd managed to detonate an IED in the middle of Hyde park, because obviously the British public at large also deserve to die. They may well be naive, misguided and over-optimistic, but they are at least harmless. I have yet to detect a hint of humour in any of your posts, they are just a tirade of childish bitterness and vitriol. I would happily douse you in petrol and set you ablaze. Do us all a favour and f*ck off back to where ever you came from.
  4. cheers cone head,why dont you fcuk off and go and do some red cross work somewhere really dangerous,and i will hopefully see your stupid mug on tv just before you have your head hacked off,oh how i will laugh
  5. locked until the kindergarten stop their pissing contest
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.