L8 - Its Just a Concert

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by short-fuse, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. The press are doing back flips at the moment over L8. Bob for Prime Minister, greatest moment in recent history, the world is shocked to its core, etc. etc.

    Excuse me, it was a rock concert (sorry series of rock concerts). Yes it was well advertised, yes it was slick and impressive and most importantly Geldolf did get Pink Floyd back to gether which was amazing. However, come on. The invasion of Iraq, the fall of Siagon and 9-11 are significant, L8 is a bunch of Celebs putting on a show with a message (a well meaning one at that) but a show none the less.

    If anyone really thinks that this will run and run until Africa is magically dragged from the dark ages all due to Saint Bob persuading 8 guys in Scotland making a few pre-agreed statements they are deluded. A great gig with a good cause but not life changing. A sense of proportionality please.

    If you wasnt a balanced view look at the SundayTorygrapgh leader yesterday,
    not the pap in the papers this morning.
  2. OK - very interesting, but how can the Sunday Torygraph leader be balanced when there's absolutely no mention of Western bribery i.e. the likes of Shell, BP and other multinationals giving cash incentives to African leaders to allow them in? Also the eagerness of western banks to receive and hold the money on their behalf?
  3. Ah,

    An editorial that doesn't conform to your conspiracy theory that all Africa's woes are that fault of the white man by any chance!! Yes I think there should be more checks in place on multinationals but the main thrust of the article is balanced.
  4. Richard Curtis was on tv this morning claiming that L8 and the demo in Edinburgh showed the politicians that the pop stars etc represent the people. Who does this bloke think he is... I didn't vote for him (I didn't vote for Blair either).
  5. OK - very interesting, but how can the Sunday Torygraph leader be balanced when there's absolutely no mention of Western bribery i.e. the likes of Shell, BP and other multinationals giving cash incentives to African leaders to allow them in? Also the eagerness of western banks to receive and hold the money on their behalf?[/quote]

    So, never heard of the Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) then?
    You cant even give a bottle of water to the local SF.
  6. There are a series of gigs and a demo. Two hundred and twenty five thousand (police figures) march in a city of half a million (ish). Most marchers were outsiders, so it's fair to say that the majority of Edinburgh citizens took the opportunity to demonstrate, by staying at home that they don’t care that much or don’t give a fcuk otherwise the total would have been nearer the one million Geldof fooking demanded. Overall, sixty million people did not turn up. Two hundred and twenty five thousand is not a majority in a country of sixty million (500000 of whom are illegal).

    The gig(s). If it had been a bill of unknowns (African musicians) very few punters would have turned up. The draw is the ‘big names’ not the cause. Just a gig, series of gigs.

    Press claims of how many watched the gigs on TV are absurd. I saw one report that 5.5 billion tuned in? Really. All of India (one billion) tuned in? All China, huge rock and roll fans-love the decadence that goes with it (well over a billion), all Africa nearly another billion? I was on the lash in my local where most of the clientele are of an age and mentality to be ‘excited’ about the idea of Roger Waters rejoining Pink Floyd. Not excited enough to keep them out of the pub that has no TV.

    Most people over sixty and under ten would not give much of a monkeys for U2 and Coldplay anyway. Some of the world was in bed. Two hundred and twenty thousand were marching in Edinburgh. All over the world, a billion (illustrative) would be at work (not in Israel), digging the garden, shagging, on death’s door, on ships, in aircraft, in cars, on motorcycles, in the pub, shopping (not in Edinburgh ?!), on patrol, stealing, in jail…..just not interested in the gig(s).

    The world did not ‘come together’, the marchers, the concertgoers and those who watched the gigs on television do not constitute a majority that must be listened to. Egos are out of control and imaginations are running riot.

    How many boats and Frenchies turned up for ‘Sail 8’?
  7. A grand total of zero frogs, highly amusingly.

    Some chinless bird on the tv this morning was trying to claim that it was still a success though
  8. Three yachts and a motor boat, all with no passengers. Apparently when he found out that no-one was coming he ditched plans to be there and welcome them in. I wonder why? :)
  9. Well, would you turn up if you were going to be paraded in front of the world's press with Saint Bob?.
  10. I also heard 5.5 Billion people were watching (also heard 3 Billion and several other stupid numbers dremt up by BBC luvies who had obviously had common sence bypass on joining the beeb).

    Looked at some of the sceptic papers yesterday on the net (NY Times, Washington Post) and you had to search really hard to find any mention of the concerts. Just think of the millions of sceptics who like both kinds of music (Country and Western). Can't see tham being overly impressed by the thought of Coldplay and Dido. The UK has got its perspective a bit awry. I am not knocking the sentiment of those who organised, took part or watched ( I watched the last half and was thourogh amused by all the corporate laggers and BBC media families in the front 'Golden Circle' when Velvet Revolver were making loads of noise, they were obviously harking after Phil Collins) but the rest of the world wasn't that bothered. The floyd were fantastic though (even when Rodger Walters couldn't sing during Wish You Were Here).

    You can just see the street children of Calcutta watching the TV saying "excellent I am really glad they are sorting out Africa, just as well we have loads of money'. NOT!!!

  11. I don't care how many people marched, failed to march or tuned in! Floyd reformed for the songs - that was the attraction! Who the feck were the earlier acts though?
  12. 5.5bn people? So they're claiming that almost the whole world watched it? wtf? Sounds like a Soviet claim of tractor production to me :twisted:
  13. Personally I believe that live8 is misguided. To demand that the wealthy nations of the world throw money at Africa until poverty is wiped out is unrealistic, a simple answer for a complex problem just won’t work in this case.
    I also think that most of the people protesting for live8 are just a “rent-a-crowd”, acting on the PC flavour of the month to make themselves feel good. The genuine people who are working for the good of Africa have been doing so long before live8 was dreamt up.
    A French student was quoted in the paper today (Daily Mail) saying that there were better ways to fight African poverty than to protest at live8, as much as I’m loathed to agree with a Frenchmen, I couldn’t agree more. I can’t find this quote on the net, if anyone finds it please post it.
    I do think it’s the moral responsibility for the strong to look after the weak, letting Africa starve should not be an option for us.
  14. Now I have to admit - I was in Hyde Park on Saturday... as a concert I was deeply disappointed, but the point of it was just to attract the attention of (billions?) of people, and get them on side.

    Without wanting to sound like a member of the Great Unwashed, the one message I came away with was that, if enough people shout loud enough and the powers do something, it may actually make some sort of difference to millions of other people. And I really think that this is a rare and amazing opportunity to do it.

    If nothing does happen about cancelling debts etc, then yes it was just a concert (and not a particularly good one), but if something actually changes as a result then it will be a historical example of people solving problems instead of just talking about them in bars. Idealistic, yes, but after the weekend, seeing the number of people that were signing the petition (3million at the start, over 15million at the end), just maybe it's possible.

    Of course, if the G8 ignores us completely, it could be argued that what we call democracy is actually, as we all suspected, bullsh*t and what we call Prime Minister is really an elected Dictator.

    I was also at the Festival of the Sea when they announced that Ellen MacArthur was on her way back with a flotilla of cross-channel guys and everyone was encouraged to sail out and meet them... nobody did, we all knew that was a bad idea!
  15. was it just me or the the whole crowd look bored on TV?