L67A4 Baton Gun (1 1/2" pyro pistol)

Gents of the Armourer persuation,

My lot are soon to take over a batch of the ancient L67 baton guns. Is there anyone out there who has or knows where there are gauges for said antiques? I've been through my CoC but to no avail. Pol & Proc state they are still about, but where?

Please PM.

Many thanks

I've just gone through the rigmarole of ordering said gauges for said ancient weapons. Bit of a mare as the L67A4 uses L104(?) Riot gun CHS gauges but they aren't on the L67's STTE.

If you still need NSN's, any useful contacts or any q's at all, send me a pm and I'll get back to you ASAP.


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